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How many days a week does your child go to daycare?

How many days a week at what age? Thanks!


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There seems to be a massive war between SAHM & Full time mums!!!
Some SAHM are on Centrelink some are not.
Some FT mums are working to provide some are working just because they want too.
If your children are at a amazing daycare while you work that’s fine who cares!? Children are still normal!
If your children stay at home with you well guess what.. children still are normal!
As long as they are around a positive, loving, fun, learning environment it’s fine!
There is not one type of way to raise your kids!
Now everyone stop mum bashing!

None of my kids ever did daycare until my last.
The elder two didn’t even do kindy and went to school in prep.
The next two (twins) did kindy last year together as I didn’t think they would cope with the jump to school without it, and my youngest (3) started one day a week last year cos she would throw the biggest tantrums not getting to go to kindy, and she absolutely LOVED it. Gets so happy on daycare days, and just asks to go all the time. I was a bit worried she would cope with all four in school now so I added a second day this year (much to her delight)
Has helped a bit but she’s still really struggling missing all her brothers and sisters. Makes me consider homeschooling lol. They all miss her a lot too and my kids all often find one sibling in the playground. The older two snuck tuck shop to my preppies (they aren’t allowed tuckshop)

I’m trying to make big days for her to disgrace her but she’s not like any of my others I’m not enough for her, she longs to be disconnected from me in most situations, just an insanely independent kid. I feel like she’s going to move to Argentina when she’s 17, meet a Spanish boy there and follow him to Spain then backpack Europe and live in Norway.

So to answer your question, 3yo two days as of two weeks ago lol.

Never. Oldest is 7 and youngest is almost 3. Iv heard too many horrible stories about day care from many of my friend

 Day care must be the worst then 😱 thank goodness your friend told you!
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5 days a week since they were about 1, they go to after school care and vacation care now too. Oh the horror! Can you imagine, well adjusted and thriving kids even though mummy has a career 🙀😂

 Hahaha I love this. I commented that my child goes 5 days a week and got abused.
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 Considering the childcare "crisis" full time stay at home mums are becoming the minority, about time the ones who are insecure about it stopped trying to project their own feelings on the mums who do work
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 I actually find this so sad for your kids.
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 Why because my kids see their mum earning a living and still managing to do everything else? Because they can get a private education on my single income? Because my career has afforded them a secure home and a happy and well adjusted mother? Or are you sad for them because they did a majority of their finger painting and nap times with a fantastic and loving group of people who were just as excited and encouraging at their achievements as their mother was/is.

It takes a village, i just happen to pay my village to be present in my kids life!

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 Working mums trying to justify their guilt. :-) Amuses me.
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OP There is nothing wrong with full time mums? The kids don’t turn out fu***d up from child care. I’m a stay at home mum and I find it inspiring mums juggling so much.
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 ^^ you would need to have guilt to have to justify it, sad troll.
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 I love the dropping of private school education.. oh la la.
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Had my kids in 3 days at 2.5-3yo
Best decision ever. So good for their social skills and awesome prep for “big school”

 I work in child care and that is a great age to start them!
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The hilarious thing about this is that its not even a SAHM vs WOHM debate. Heaps of SAHP use childcare and heaps of working parents don't.

I don’t want a stranger raising my kids

 Well I sure hope you will be home schooling your children then.
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 What a relevant comment?.
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My 3 year old goes 4 days a week, my 1 year old goes 3 days a week.
I’m at uni full time, my partner works full time and studies part time as well. We have no family around so daycare is our only option.

 How can you afford daycare
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 My partner is on pretty decent money. We live within our means, no debt, daycare is a necessity for us so we make sure we have enough money for it. We also live in a town with extremely cheap rent so that helps a tonne.
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I feel bad for full time day care kids and mums. The early years are crucial for a child and they need their mums.
I don't think those cliche Bali holidays are worth it, nor the big theatre rooms and majestic massive houses, nor the showroom vehicles.
You can get money anytime- you have your whole life to work and earn but nope, you'll never get those early years back.

My daughter was 2 and started 1 day/week then gradually moved up to two days before her little brother arrived so she would think it was normal going to “school”, when I had a newborn to look after. It worked out fine and gave me some time just with the baby, she was there till about 3 in the afternoon.

I am a sahm and I often worry about what a terrible role model I am. The next generation of mums will mostly be working mums as the cost of living is just going to get worse and government benefits are slowly disappearing so staying home won't be an option unless you are very well off.

 Your kids aren’t noticing wether your working or not as a role model.
They are noticing if your kind, if you give them attention, if you listen, if your present when you’re with them.

My parents had me at 34 and had a mortgage paid off and another house returning a small income so they BOTH took off 10 or so years they went back to work when they’re youngest was in year 2 but only mum while dad decided he didn’t like his job so re trained for a way way WAY less paying job but something he loved, when my little brother was in about year 8 he was able to make his own business but didn’t want to give that time up just yet so waited till we were all independent and starting to do our own. Thing (around 17/18)
So majority of our childhood we had two parents who didn’t work.

We all grew up to be very hard workers/ business owners who are all pretty well off in different definitions.
My parents were amazing role models. Because they were amazing parents.

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 Thank you for posting that x
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Why are mums awful to each other.

 Nothing gets mums riled up more than the working mums V SAHM debate. It saddens me. Why is one better than the other ?
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“I feel so bad for your children” “poor kids”.. For the mums who have a career good fu****g on you.
Don’t let people make you feel bad for having your child in daycare.

 Careers are great but 1-2 year old babies at daycare full time is horribly sad. Why not wait to have kids until you can afford to take the first few years of their young lives, off.
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 Or, why not go back to work if it's what you choose to do. Funny thing that is, people can actually choose what they want to do with their children. Crazy I know.
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 Maybe they dont want to take the time off?! Not every mother is "forced" back to work alot of us choose it and guess what, our kids are fine.
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 Thanks OP, I'm getting really tired of this working mothers are less than bull crap. I don't judge stay at home mums despite my own feelings on the subject so maybe they shouldn't judge us.
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 I hate the ‘them and us’ divide. I’m a stay at home mum. I feel lucky to be able to be one, as I chose to (and before anyone judges no I don’t receive any Centrelink benefits). Judge me if you will. Me Being a SAHM does not effect you one little bit. I’m certainly not judging working mums. Our situations are all different.
And We are all at different stages in our lives. So long as your children are thriving isn’t that what matters most?

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I'd just like to point out that women and families have been outsourcing their childcare for centuries. Moderatly well off and rich kids were raised by nannies, royalty or wealthy kids were lucky to see their own mother more than once a week, hell most of them weren't even breast fed by their mother. Poor women left their children with relatives or other women because they would starve if they didn't return to work straight away. Even the wet nurses had to leave their own kids with someone. The notion that mums should be with their kids 24/7 is relative new in terms of history.