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How many days a week does your child go to daycare?

How many days a week at what age? Thanks!


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My eldest did 2 days a week at 4yrs to get him ready for school. My youngest is 2 and at home with me.

Hubby is on 270k/year and we have rental income of $1800/week. So I don't need to work. :-)

 You really didn't need to put the income there. Makes me think bullshit!!!
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 I think she just wanted to brag.
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I'm going to get slammed but my eldest started full time day care at a tiny 5 weeks old, I was 19 and did not (and still do not at age 28) have a birth certificate due to being born in a crack den and left with a stranger who half raised me and never called children's services or police, I don't exist so have never had any welfare help and am still fighting the government for a birth cert.
I had to get my bum back to work to feed us, we barely even made the 6 weeks and the daycare actually took her free for a month to help me get back on my feet.
This will be indentifying, My story has been on TV a fair bit

 I would like to read your story, are you willing to advise where I can read this
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 6 weeks is minimum
Why get pregnant if you can’t look after baby

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 Some people have unplanned pregnancies. Shock!
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 ^^ that is actually correct that 6 weeks is the minimum though.
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Working mums, I think you need to realise that the person making the nasty comments doesn't actually have kids, and just comes here to troll. Her comments sound a lot like those of the perfect parent, parenting their hypothetical kids. I think if she actually has kids in the future she will probably change her tune.

 Yeah well if she's that fu***d up now I hope doesn't get to inflict herself on a child.
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I'm the nanny, also have one child. He does after school care 4 days a week from 4 til 5. It provides him with a little social time and makes the pick up schedule run more smootly. He can also come to work with me. I work 6 or 7 days a week. Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm, and 3 week nights also from 7 to 9 pm. Then anywhere from 3 to 20 hours (total) on the weekend. I also cover 24 hours a day when my client is away for work. The children are 8 (in school and only there alternating weeks), 3 (full time, not in school), and 4 mos (full time). They've been in my care since 3 was 11 months. Also have began caring for 4 mos 1-3 days a week since birth, mom returned to work full time at 5 weeks. I also do the lion's share of the houskeeping (cooking, cleaning, washing, etc). All that said, my client makes sure every minute she's with the kids is high quality time. She's never on her phone. She doesn't pop on the tv for them. She holds the baby nearly the entire time until they're in bed. She plays games, reads with, does crafts with, and eats with the kids. On the weekend she utilizes me to do one on one time shopping or having adventures with the older kids and also occasionally to get a moment of adult time.

Just turned 4 and does 2 days a week. Older brother started school thus year but both did 2 days a week since the youngest was 1

4 yr old does preschool (we're in NSW) 2 days a week on Monday and Tuesday and I'm looking in to putting 2 yr old in Tuesday and Wednesday at daycare so I can have Mondays with 2 yr old, Wednesdays with 4 yr old and Tuesdays to myself.

Full time. Age 3.

 Why have a child
Poor kids 7am to 7pm mon to fri
Bet you don’t work many hours a week

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 Why don’t you f**k off honestly.
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 Ummm full time means 5 days. Not 12 hour days you pelican. My daughter gets dropped off at 8:50 and picked up at 3:10. I work as an aide at the school right next door, lucky me :)
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