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Have you ever altered your personality or pretended to enjoy hobbies that you didn't just to get a guy to fall in love with you?


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I think if you open your Dolly magazine you should find an article in there telling you why this is not a good idea.

 Dolly magazine? How old are you?
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 Lol I think she was being sarcastic 😂😂
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 geez I remember that magazine. It was so good 🤣
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 Looks like the dolly doctor left the building
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Omg an old friend of mine was the worst for this. Her first boyfriend was an "emo", so she fully changed herself, got all these piercings, tattoos, cut all her hair. When they broke up the next guy was a bit of a player party boy. So she became right into partying, drugs etc. Then the next one was the opposite and she became so cautious of the environment and vegan. Then the last one was body builder so now she's right into body building. It's like 5 different people. Couldn't keep up haha

 She would probably be a brilliant actor.
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Find yourself a man who wants you just the way you are

I feel sad for you

 They didn't say they were doing it just asking if anyone had
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Lol not as a grown arsed woman! 🙄 but when i was 15 i made out like i could surf and that i loved it, anyway my surfer boyfriend who could actually surf soon figured out i was full of it... stayed together though

I joined a mixed sport team in the hope of meeting someone. It didn't go well.

I told my ex when we first stated dating I liked spicy food. Big mistake! ( the ex also).