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Why am I so jealous?

My hubby is a fire fighter, he is very attractive, and there is 2 women that work with me and I find myself getting very jealous. I don't like them (I don't actually even know them) but I'm so jealous???
And no, no I am not cheating on my hubby, I never have and I never will. Is it a self esteem issue maybe? I feel pretty shit about myself, I started New meds and gained 10kg :(


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Your post is a bit confusing. Why are you jealous of your work mates? Do they like your husband? Why would we assume you are cheating? It was the last thing I was thinking of before I read 'and no, no I am not cheating' like you thought people would have thought that from reading your first 2 sentences?

Maybe you're feeling a bit insecure because of the weight gain especially since hubbys smoking hot. You shouldn't be though because out of all the girls he could have he has chosen you, so you must be pretty special to him. Decent men don't leave over a measly 10 kilos.

OP I think 1 of them likes him yes. I've spoken to him about it.
I've been on this site long enough to know how people react, normally If someone mentions anything about insecure in a relationship, it's assumed cheating straight away.
Thank you for taking the time, I assumed it was the weight gain, unfortunately I have to be on this education for another 4 months but I have joined a gym to try and help.
Think I'm just feeling a bit shit today, went for a job interview on Wednesday and was turned down today. So feeling a bit flat. But thank you for your kind response. Xx

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Yes I think you answered your own question....: you are projecting your insecurities about yourself onto these strangers. Remember who he comes home to at the end of his shift.

If you’re unhappy with yourself, it’s up to you and only you to change that.

OP Thank you for being the only one so far with a decent answer. Yeah I am working on it, I joined a gym today so hopefully that will make me feel a bit better about myself. Thanks!!
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 OP I'd hazard a guess and say those 3 responses are all from the same bored pathetic troll. Pay them no attention.
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OP I don't plan on it :)
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So you're jealous that the 2 women that work with you and not him might like him? Who cares he doesn't even know them right? As they work with u not him! And if they do like him just feel proud that he is yours and don't tell him they like him. Easy.

Lose weight
Start putting little bit of make up on
Make your hair look nice
Don’t wear mum clothes eg trackies

Don’t yell or nag hubby

Give him head everyday when it’s shark 🦈 week