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Do you think your life is better cause you have kids ?

My sister in law has 5 kids and studying full time and thinks her life is better than her sisters life cause her sister is barren and has a dead end job


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What is even the point of these questions?

Are you seriously that bored that you feel the need to come onto this website all the time and post these idiotic questions?

 Love ya
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 And are YOU that bored that you have to give and idiotic answer to an idiotic question????? Dumbass
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I don't remember what it's like to not have kids. I was 19 when I had my first bubba. Fast forward 20 years and I love my life. I couldn't imagine it without kids....... but that's not to say I wouldn't enjoy it 😂

 Bet the dad isn’t around
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 Yep still here and celebrating 18 years of marriage. Stop trying to impose your boring fu***d up life on everyone else. F**k off back to your street corner
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 ^just ignore the c**t troll babe. She's probably stuck with 6 kids after her hubby left her for another man.
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Who cares
My life was good before kids
Its good with kids
It was good when i was not working
Its good when i am working

Mate. She probably doesn’t give a rats about you. And neither do we. Please get off this site. Please get a life. Go and play candy crush or do some volunteering or exercise with your spare time

 What’s candy crush ?
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