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Any other SAHM's crap themselves over the lost Super while at home with the kids?


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Make a little contribution when your Centrelink comes in maybe even $20-$40 a fortnight. You need to keep it active

 What about those who don't get help from centrelink?
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If you have a partner he can contribute to yours and it takes his taxable income down

This may come as a surprise, but you know you CAN work AND have kids right? 2019 ladies, lets start doing shit for ourselves!

OP I could work... but I'd literally make $50 per day. Full-time work for $250 a week? Yeah, no thanks.
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 I thought being a sahm was a full time job though. That's what you all reckon right?

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OP ðŸ™„
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 Don't worry OP, someone's just jealous.

You'll have plenty of time to build super when you're working again. Okay maybe it won't be as much as your husbands but you will still share the same as now.
Worse case scenario the super he's accumulated whilst you've been home would be shared as part of the settlement if you separated.

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Yes!!! Got our super statements today, hubby has 160k in his, I have 26k!