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So sick of everything right now

My 1 yo has been barely letting me get any sleep lately, i am pissed off and down and sad. Life feels like too much to deal with. Hubby never gets up during the night and i feel resentment toward him for at least having a decent sleep every time whereas i am up every couple hours for the kids! Housework is piled up. Money is low. I jusy dont know how much longer i can keep this jig up. I feel i am at breaking point. I wish i didnt feel like this. Please tell me i am not the only person who feels this way.


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Just do the minimum housework and try to have a nap

Did I write this in the midst of my sleep deprivation because I just read my life!
I feel you. Hugs to you. We got this xx

 Comforting to know that im not the only one going through this. Stay strong and take care xx
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Definitely not alone xx you will get through this. My 2nd was awful - never slept, woke 100 times a night, ridiculously attached to me and wouldnt let her dad near her when she woke at night. Shes almost 11 now and a sweet, confident, funny, cruzy kid whom i have to wake up almost every day coz she loves her sleep and "isnt a morning person". Im still scarred for life from what she did to me in the first 3 years of her life! Lucky she was number 2 coz she would have been an only child! Just remember this bad phase will pass, you WILL get to sleep again and that will make everything easier to deal with xx

 good advice!
My two are the same, both still co sleep as they want to be close by and would wake 100s of times during the night to feel mum or dad close. My hubby won’t get up to no 2 so I’ve felt exactly the same as you.. resentful and unhappy.. down and depressed. But it does get better. There IS light at the end of the tunnel and you will get there. Try not to let it get you down and affect your marriage too much.. I did that and it almost ruined mine.
Goodluck and remember, if you want to co sleep to get some sleep, do it and don’t let anyone judge you for it! Xx

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Have you tried co sleeping? Might help the 1yo settle and sleep better, and therefore you get more sleep too. I understand it's not for everyone though ☺ Don't worry about the housework - just do the bare minimum to get by. Things will get better!

Why isn’t your husband helping? Have you spoken to him about how you’re feeling? If you’re at breaking point, he needs to step up pronto!

 Some men get up super early for work. Some just don’t help. Everyone’s different..
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 I’m aware of that, but he doesn’t work every day does he? what about helping out after work, weekends? Wherever he can?
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 The baby won't feed with him and always wants me over him, she is extremely attached to me. Cant leave the room without her crying :-/
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 My 9 month old is the same. My husband makes sure I get a break on the weekend and helps tidy up after dinner to make up for me not get sleep.
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 You said your kids are in day care while you work. If so, can’t your husband take the kids for a couple of hours on the weekend while you catch up on some sleep?
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 He doesnt get up super early, leaves between 8.30-9. Also is away every couple of weeks for a few days at a time for work. Its just super hard juggling everything atm. Even though i know it wont last forever, it doesnt make things any easier for right now
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Can you put your child in day care for a one off and catch up x

 Some gyms offer ‘daycare’ For really cheap prices!!
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 Kids are already in care twice a week while i work, 95% of my wage already goes to child care costs, so not really an option to put them in more days, otherwise i'll be in negative $$
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