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i'm a married man of many years and she wont have much to do with sex anymore and i'm getting very curious about playing with a another mans c**k,is there any other blokes out there that feel the same way or is it just me.


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Pretty sure it's not just you or else homosexuality wouldn't exist.
Whatever you do, remain faithful. If you ate going to go down that path be honest, your wife deserves it.

My hubby went through a phase of getting off at the thought of sucking c**k. It really was NOT my thing but I humored him for a while and we played out fantasies and I would tell him kinky stories, featuring him sucking men off, during sex and stuff like that to work him up. And then one day he just said that he was out of that phase now and he was really into big butts.
I'm pretty sure it was just the thought of doing something he'd never tried, something that felt really different, naughty and kinky.
So I don;t think it's abnormal. Another consideration though is what porn you've been watching?

 I don't think he "grew out of it",
He's expressing those desires elsewhere.
Sorry chic. You need to either share him or move on. And please, have a test for HIV.

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Go camping, have a secret affair then come home & start calling out his name during sex with your wife.

 😂 this is probably the guy
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Maybe you could let your wife know how you're feeling and float the idea of a threesome?

My fantasy is too catch him in the act and get put in the middle. Biggest turn on at the moment