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The hunting - TV show

Have you seen the hunting mini series in sbs? If so, what are your thoughts? It makes me so angry that one if the main instigators gets away with it and the victims are the ones punished. I really think they should be showing it in schools though. But I don't know if it would change anything? Teens have a "it won't happen to me" attitude about everything :/


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Boys will respect girls if the girls respect themselves also.
Its a frightening we live in, for both boys and girls.

OP Totally agree :/
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We need to teach all our kids be it boys or girls respect - for themselves and others.

Yeah it was very good and gripping but felt the ending episode left lots of unanswered questions. Thought they were probably leaving it open for a second season.

It was very thought provoking. The message was clear though. Teach your sons respect. It’s not ok to share photos of other people without permission. And as parents of boys we must bring that message home.

I think there was a lot of unfinished stories though. The (Sri Lankan?) girl. I can’t believe her very strict family would have just let her do what ever she wanted after she disappointed them. I was expecting her to be shipped off to the homeland, forced into arranged marriage or something for bringing such dishonour to the family.

And agree, seeing the boy having to face consequences of his behaviours would have been satisfying. But I don’t think, that was the point of this story. Clearly he was influenced by his father and his misogynistic behaviours. I think he may have finally understood that when he was sitting in the strip club with him.

I was also waiting for the teacher to get into trouble and wrongly accused of something for looking at the ‘our local sl**s’ page.

OP Girls need to be respectful too. At the start of the show it was girls passing around dick pics of a boy, so it really does go both ways.

I feel like there should have been another episode to finish it all off a bit more. I had questions about Nassim's mother too?

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 Of course. Girls need to show the same respect they expect from boys . I missed the part they were sharing dick pics. But I don’t think that was the message of the show overall.
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It happens a lot. My friends son apparently shared intimate photos of his ex girlfriend, he got the shit beaten out of him. My friend blames the girl as her son was badly hurt, but I think he deserved it.