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6 year old birthday party

I'm thinking ahead and looking for ideas of where I could have my son's 6th birthday party.
His birthday is in winter so id want something indoors and i don't want to do it at home. I'll be inviting his whole class plus a few family friends so don't want to spend an absolute fortune.
So far the only ideas I have are play centre or scitech so would love some other ideas.
(I'm in Perth)


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I did a cinema party once. Sometimes if you go at a certain time (say before 10am on a Sunday) you can get cheap tickets. I paid $10 per ticket which is probably cheaper than a play centre these days.
Give the kids their lolly bags before the movie and they can eat them instead of popcorn!

 That’s pretty scabby, at least get them popcorn and a drink
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 Lol! Thanks for your two cents worth.
If I recall correctly, I did get the kids popcorn. I was simply offering the mum an alternative option to reduce costs.

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I’m in Perth too, Jungle Gym (google it) is great, especially if you are inviting a lot of kids and of different ages, I have 3 kids ranging from 15 years to 2years and have tried almost every party option in Perth! Jungle Gym is defiantly the best, most memorable and affordable option I have ever used.

Another idea is hiring the gymbus...I did this one year and had the bus come to a park 10 min walk from my house with McDonald’s across the road, while the kids were playing I grabbed a bunch of happy meals, the kids had a blast and it was sooo easy for me.

OP unfortunately jungle gym is really far from the school and most of the kids live close to the school so id be worried not many would come. My kids love that place tho!
I'll look into gymbus, thanks!

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Your local community or church hall? You could do an indoor pool party at your local swimming complex? Laser tag? Personally, for my twins next party I'm thinking just down at our church hall and getting 100 balloons foating and 100 more on the floor, and a piñata, and a buffet of homemade food. They have a little outdoor playground there and a kitchen/bathroom. Add in some party games and those kids are set for a good time.

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Thanks for the ideas so far. I should have added that I also have younger kids so needs to be suitable for any age

I am in WA (mandurah) I just had a quick look in my area just to find ideas. There a lots of companies that cater especially for kids parties, the do the lot and at not that expensive either. Also our local council caters for kids parties too so maybe have a quick serach in your local area and see what it brings up, maybe yours does too. Other than that it was the usual, rock climbing, infflatable world, chipmunks etc.