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The ins and outs of kindy?

Hi everyone. I had my kids overseas but have returned and I'm looking into the situation next year for my second to start kindy. To be honest, she is at a great daycare and could continue but financially it wouldn't make sense as I'll be a SAHM with another on the way in a few months so it's more pushed from that avenue. I was hoping someone could help. I see two options- one being a community kindy which looks lovely and old school and the other being the school kindy which my other daughter goes to in year 2. I'm not sure how I feel about the school one but it would certainly be way more convenient then driving just an extra 10mins to the other one around school drop off. Questions are: Do kindys do scheduled tours prior to the year? Is kindy compulsory- my daughter goes just two days right now, so if I had her continue with two days would I be right to assume that that would be frowned on? What do kids do at kindy? Any other advice as I make this decision would be appreciated!


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It depends what state you live in whether it's compulsory. I think your mornings will be very hectic with 2 drop offs in the morning, so much easier at the one school. Your state's education website should give you more info on what their goals for kindy kids are. Mostly it's play based and learning to stick to the classrooms routine, sitting and listening to the teacher.

OP Thanks for that. I'm in WA and from what I understand PP is compulsory but not kindy, I'm curious I guess whether not attending for the 5 days would be considered bad as I imagine it would disrupt the school learning feel in a school sense, but am I assuming too much?
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 I'm in WA too and kindy is not compulsory but I personally think it should be. When my kids did kindy they did 4 half days which was a great transition for pp but a pain with 3 pick ups/drop offs if you have older kids too. Some schools did 2 full days for kindy. I thought this was still the case but maybe not, my youngest is 13 so I'm a bit out of the loop now. 5 full days for a 3/4 year old is too much I think, I would not judge anyone for not sending them 5 days.
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OP At our daycare it's for 3-5year olds only and they do do a kindyesk program while the younger ones sleep if requested... My daughter is really good at following instructions so I feel a lot of mat time would be pushing her to be more of the 'good girl' she wants to be and rather I'd be happy for her to just be the 'happy girl she is' more of the time if that makes anysense whatsoever ! :) Thanks for your response!
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Hi I am in WA as well. Kindy is not compulsory but highly recommended. WA kindy kids do not do a full week at school. They do 5 days in a two week period. Usually 2 days each week an alternative wednesdays. There is a curriculum for kindy now and they are introduced to basic reading, writing their names, counting etc, I believe that a few schools even send home readers now. Alot of it is just getting ready for full time schools, learning routines etc. Kindy's are usually seperate from the main school and have their own playareas. There are information days prior to your child starting school and they are flexible if you want to speak to the teacher or take a tour.

OP Yes at our school now it's apart of the PP section(the playarea), which isn't a problem, but I do feel it's more school related then and I feel I'd like to keep her out of that environment for as long as possible. I know there would be no real difference, it's just I like to isolate things in my head :)
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 I think that one benefit that I found of having your child at the school kindy is that the kids they go to kindy with often end up in their pp class and so on. Some kids have been in my sons class since kindy and he is year 4 now. They also get to know the pp teachers quite well so it is not such a big thing when they come into pp.
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WA kindy is the best... 2 1/2 days or 5 day fortnight. I loved it for my eldest and is a cheaper option than daycare if you don't need the longer hours. (Voluntary Book list and p&c contributions still requested.) it is very play based, but with basic abc, numbers, drawing/craft name writing etc. if you get a really good teacher and assistant they will make sure that the kids who need it are given extension work and there is no pressure for those who are still not ready for it. Once in pp, they are used to the school environment/mat-time. Do it!

OP Thank you!- this may sound silly but are your referring to kindy in School or kindy outside or generally? I just got really confused!
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 Thiis is kindy attached to the school.
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I'm putting my second in community kindy 2.5days a week, despite needing to drop off oldest at primary school and having a baby as well. Would be easier to send her to the kindy at the school but the community kindy was so lovely it'll be worth the extra drop off & pick up.

Im a kindy supporter all the way. My 3 went to a C&K kindy...when my middle went I had 3 dropoffs... and my kindy is 15 mins from school. You can make it work if you want to. Kindy kids are play based learning, they have the same kids every single session. Parents are usually like minded too. We were lucky as our teacher has been there for 20 years, but moves with the times in terms of technology.. she very much loves the children and makes kindy year a special year.

OP Yes, I figure the drop off will just have to be dealt with as another task us mothers do ! :) THankyou!
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