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I'm pregnant with my 7th child and no one is happy for me.... I'm sick of being told to 'get a tv'.... What's wrong with having a big family these days?


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To put it frankly -people do not care that much about your life. People around you are generally happy for the first one or two and after that they just dont care anymore.
If they are relatives they think of it as more money for them if they want to take the kids anywhere or buy presents or if wanting to babysit.
Some people think the world is already too overpopulated and think its selfish to have so many offspring.
Some people put themselves in your shoes and think how the heck could anyone afford that many children
Some may be jealous.

You say "but it should be about love and rainbows and happiness" but life isnt lived in the realm of ideals.

There are many different reasons people may not be as estatic as you are when you announce your 7th pregnancy. But really, you shouldnt care. People are always going to have conflicting opinions about everything you do in life so i wouldnt worry about them and just do you how you want :)

Congratulations. As long as your able to provide for them, I say have as many as you like :)

I have 7. We tried to stop after 3, but #4 came along. #5 we planned. Then, we thought I'd started "the change." Pop, pop 2 more right in a row. People joke, but we have a happy, loving family. We do our best to economize, budget, and re-use/recycle as much as we can. Big families are different than small ones, but just as special.

I also think that after 3-4 kids there should be no govt benefits. You want them, that’s fine but pay for them yourselves. Obviously there should be discretion applied for people who have sextuplets or something!
My SIL has never worked a day in her life, nor has her husband and they have 7. All spaced about 3-4 years apart. This experience has probably coloured my views on the subject. They get a huge amount of $$ from govt for doing nothing and we both work our backsides off with 2 kids and have sfa ‘luxuries ‘ while they have the latest and greatest doing nothing. And their eldest are proudly continuing their parents example. Sad.

 This is what I tend to see too. I do know one very wealthy family with 5 children (the parents own a very successful company which they built from the ground up) but all the other large families I know consider themselves to be “Aussie battlers” - ie dole bludgers who expect everyone else to pay for their “difficult circumstances”. We have exactly the number of children we can comfortably afford and our children have the benefit of not having to share our attention with a horde of siblings. Luckily we never wanted a large family because it looks awful to me.
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 I have 4 but also work full time. If I have 5, or 6, I'd probably still try and work full-time.
Gov benefits shouldn't really be a factor in why her friends and family havent congratulated her

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I guess people wonder how you manage and unfortunately because the majority of us struggle with 1, 2 or 3 kids we think you can't possibly be providing good opportunities for your kids or spending quality time with each one. Also there is the expense side most women work outside the home just to afford a couple of kids these days.

Well i personally would never have that many, id be in a straight jacket lol

congratulations, as long as you are happy, who cares

CONGRATULATIONS!! I totally agree with you! But people really don’t understand and have a terrible time trying to imagine what it is like! I have a big family and it’s AWESOME! I grew up in a family of 7 kids and want the same for my kids! I am currently pregnant with my 7th also, my kids are over the moon! They love having lots of play mates and my husband and I are both excited. The worst part is all the judgemental comments! It really isn’t that much harder or more expensive than 3-4 kids! The kids learn so much independence and are so helpful. And to console myself on the hard days I think of the beautiful family we will have grown and will get to enjoy in our old age! You are building a clan and you will NEVER regret having children! Most people I speak to who are past child rearing age all say to me how they wish they had more! Hang in there mumma, you’re doing a great job! Xx

Just tell them you have a tv, you watch porn every night when the kids are in bed!

Ha I think most people struggle with 2-3 and then probably think, how the hell do they manage with 7 without some sort of assistance, unless you are fortunate enough to be doing well.

I am 16+ weeks with my 7th (been 9 years since my last). Can totally relate. Have been asked constantly, don't you own a t.v?? I have had funny looks and comments, my own mother won't acknowledge...I had to ponder the question from others insensitivity.."I'm sorry, what is the acceptable number of children permitted by societies standards?" Frankly, I care not for my partner, myself are delighted as are my 6 children from 20 downwards. They are the only ones I need to make happy in this narrow minded world...No more for me though, this will truly be my last...Go supermums I say!! ❤

I found the same and i only have three. The main thing is that you,your husband/partner and other kids are excited. I think you are amazing and am in awe of you-i love my kids so much but i just couldn't handle (or afford) any more.

I noticed this aswell even know it was only #2, people are less happy each time. Im now pregnant with #3 and 8 havent bother to tell anyone yet. And we wont be announing this one at all just telling immediate family only.

 Congrats on number 3
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 Thankyou 😀
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Congrats on number 7, as long as you and your family are happy that's all that matters, hubby and I could only have 2 kids but eventually we will foster

I am in awe of anyone who has 7 children, Im exhausted with 3! (congrats)

 Me too 🤪
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