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I'm pregnant with my 7th child and no one is happy for me.... I'm sick of being told to 'get a tv'.... What's wrong with having a big family these days?


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Just tell them you have a tv, you watch porn every night when the kids are in bed!

I am 16+ weeks with my 7th (been 9 years since my last). Can totally relate. Have been asked constantly, don't you own a t.v?? I have had funny looks and comments, my own mother won't acknowledge...I had to ponder the question from others insensitivity.."I'm sorry, what is the acceptable number of children permitted by societies standards?" Frankly, I care not for my partner, myself are delighted as are my 6 children from 20 downwards. They are the only ones I need to make happy in this narrow minded world...No more for me though, this will truly be my last...Go supermums I say!! ❤

Congrats on number 7, as long as you and your family are happy that's all that matters, hubby and I could only have 2 kids but eventually we will foster


 Over population
Limited resources
Carbon footprint

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 So one would hope you haven't had kids at all then?
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Do you work or do you use government assistance that will have a lot to do with it

 Why is this anyone’s business? Yeah it does have a lot to do with it but it’s not something you can or should be asking.
There should be genuine happiness for someone expecting a child!

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I lost my 6th and having my 7th people always have negative things to say girl F#×% em as long as you take care of them no one else matters. #BigFamilys I'm from the south and that's just what we believe in I personally make date nights for each child where we just get 1 on 1 time its great

Congratulations! The only people that really matter here are yourself and your husband/partner. As long as you are happy nothing else matters. Try not to dwell on people's rude comments and enjoy your precious little one :)

It used to be the norm once

 It was kind of a neccessity before vaccines when a high percentage of children died before adulthood, or got packed off to war etc We don't live in the same society. Having kids is expensive. I don't care how many kids you have as long as you can afford to look after them and care for them properly (preferably without leaching off our tax dollars). I would only judge you if you were treating the oldest ones like nannies and had them changing nappies and wiping bums etc. No brother/sister should have to do that.
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 Not to mention contraception or lack thereof 😝
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I was one of six and loved it we are still close today a lot of people are jealous me because we are best friends. It's not without hardship my only advice would be not to rely on the older ones too much as it can strain sibling relationships (I was oldest and felt like I'd already had kids when I was a teen due to the responsibility on me)

 I should add never a dull moment and plently of birthday cake
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Congratulations on your 7th pregnancy!!!
Big families are awesome. I'm one of 5, we have 15 kids between us, my brother has 5 under 5, (including twins). We love it!!!

your c**t is like a pez dispenser and fu****g u is like rolling a hotdog down the hallway

 Just cause you didnt bother with your kegals. It is a muscle down there you know, the more your work it out, the stronger it is
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how many dads ?

 Lol!! And what has mum contributed to society.
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 6 awesome kids and another to come, that is what
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Good for you and congratulations. As long as you are providing for the children who cares.