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4 year old boys behaviour

Most of the time he's a good boy but he gets in these moods. It'll start with something small like asking him not to have his hands in his pants while eating breakfast but he keeps doing it definitely & giggling & i start taking things away from him like tv etc but he keeps going giggling & doing exactly what i ask him not to. What do you do when they just don't care what you say or do & laugh at you. Doesn't do this with his father just me.


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I ignore some behaviour from my 4yo because some if it is attention seeking. Also try to spend some one on time doing what he likes.

From the info provided he seems like a perfectly normal 4 year old, pick your battles, ignore silly behaviour, before you know it he will have outgrown this stage and you’ll be on to the next challenge.

Is he getting enough sleep? My 6 yr old sometimes shows giggly/defiant behaviour like you have described when he is becoming overtired. I give an early bedtime every time he gets in that mood and it has reduced this behaviour lots.

My 4 year old is the same. We found the naughty chair to be his kryptonite. Taking things off him just didn't work. Have to be very consistent with it though - if you say he's going to go on there, then he HAS to go on there, and quickly, don't give too many chances or he won't take it seriously or know how far he can push it before you put him on.

Do you follow through and take away the TV?

It is most definitely typical behaviour of a 4yo. Around that age they are testing the boundaries. And usually aimed at the parent who gives the most discipline and I’m guessing that is you. What would happen if his father dishes out the consequences I wonder? I’m the one who disciplines the most with my kids (age 6 and 8) and they sometimes don’t listen to me. But boy do they pay attention when their father disciplines because it’s usually up to me, being the parent around them the most,

Also, if banning tv doesn’t work then you need to find that thing that does. Taking away beloved toys, for example. And once you find that thing you need to be consistent with it.