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I know none of you are doctors

But I have these cramping type stabbing pains just beneath my rib cage. It starts at night with an aching back then it starts a while later. I had the same thing a few years ago but they didn't find anything wrong with me. It's real pain, I'm scared to go back to be made to feel like a hypochondriac again. But I will anyway. Anyone had anything similar ?


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Go to the doctor and check it out. If you are made to feel like a hypocondriact find another doctor who is willing to check things out properly

I get them sometimes too. I thought I was going to die, but xrays, scans and blood tests came back clear. Until I got tested for something called antiphospholipid syndrome (also known as Hughes syndrome) with lupus anticoagulant. They're an autoimmune disease that causes "sticky" blood. It means I'm more prone to high blood pressure and blood clots than others. The pain I have would be from the high blood pressure. It's a relatively new discovery (within the last 10 years I believe), so it's not part of the routine round of blood tests done. We only found out because we saw a specialist for another matter. Have a google about it and see if you can identify with the symptoms and ask your doctor to test you. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon ☺

 I too have been diagnosed with "sticky blood" lupus anticoagulant.
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It's their job to find out what the problem is. Don't stop until you get an answer!! And never ever feel like you are being a hassle.

Some people here might be doctors. Or nurses. My advice though is to go see a doctor.

 I just wanted to see if someone had anything similar so I don't feel like I'm imagining the whole thing. Last time it was several trips to emergency, xray, scan blood test and nothing. I felt like a real dick. Would love to go in with at least an idea of what it could maybe be.
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 I second this. Had that pain, ignored it, spent a week in hospital because it became infected...
See someone asap.

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 If it is gallbladder it will be worse not long after you have eaten. Does the pain come and go?
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 Yeah well I'm fine now. It seems to be just at night with a few pains here and there through the day but nothing to what it is at night
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 Sounds like gallstones. Mine went b undiagnosed for a year. Drs sent me to physio etc but in the end it became infected and I ended up in emergency. Had the whole gallbladder removed within a few hours. Definitely get it checked out!
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 I will, thanks x
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 Yep worse after eating! Especially fatty foods!! A breakfast out of eggs benedict was the nail in the coffin for me!
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My friend had this (and other symptoms) and found out she has celiac disease. Do you notice anything specific aggravates it?

Heart attacks in women do not come on as the traditional arm and chest pain. It could be your heart, your gallbldder, irritation in your chest wall called pluracy (sp),... it could be related liver issues, a cracked rib... a million things

They didn't think it was the first time, but I might ask that they check it again

 Sorry that was meant to go with the gallbladder answer
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