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Is it okay to wear a black dress to a wedding?


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I think it is absolutely fine. I've done it and there were no issues. Unless you're at your ex's wedding, that might send a message :) but otherwise that's perfectly acceptable.

I wore red once and the bride wasn't impressed, I had no idea red wasnt okay 😔 I think you should just stick to colours you don't need to question

 What’s wrong with red ?
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 Yes what's wrong with red?
No red, no black, no white?
If it's that much of a problem people should say on their invite , choose which meal you like and you may only choose from a turquoise or lavender coloured outfit

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 Was the bride Chinese? If so, that could be why.
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 I've never heard that. Been to weddings with people dressed in red & there was no drama.
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 I heard red means you want to sleep with the groom. Only know this because I was a bridesmaid and our dresser were red. We heard the red theory at the wedding and found it pretty funny
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 😂I had no idea about this! I wore red at my daughters wedding and everyone was fine with it.
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 😂 😂
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My bridesmaids wore black, and silver. Predominantly obviously yes, I think it’s fine. You can wear black and not look like you’re going to a funeral.

I think it's fine. If you are worried, wear colourful accessories to brighten it up a bit.

People like happy colours at weddings. You have a whole colour wheel, you can figure it out.

No red black or white. Wedding rule. Red is usually a colour women wear subconsciously when they ovulate! Also known as the "scarlet or other woman" black is just no unless it was a floral design and white is self explanatory

Unless the bride says it's okay, no I don't think it's appropriate. You're there to celebrate the joining of two lives, not mourn the death of one.

 Why is black still associated with death? So old fashioned and outdated.
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 Maybe so but it is
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 WhY iS bLaCk StiLl aSsOcIaTeD wItH dEaTh - because for hundreds of years people have worn black as a symbol of mourning. But, yeah, Janet Cantbebotheredwearinganyothercolour said she wants to wear it to a wedding, so I guess that's all it takes to change a global centuries old custom. Well done, now let's turn your miraculous powers towards a more worthy cause.
If you're so keen on wearing it, ask the bride and groom silly bum, not us.

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 ^You have a good point here.
For years we were only allowed bathers in the public pool. For hygiene reasons they said. We weren't allowed t- shirts over our bathers. For hygiene reasons apparently. Yet now women are allowed to wear full robes into the pool under the guise of religion. I'm disgusted.
Lets have backbone.
No black at weddings. No bloody robes in the public pool.

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 For years the church was the power, was the law, was the driving force in countries. But we passed phased it out in western civilisation out because it's not relevant even though it's hundreds of years old tradition and developing or Middle Eastern countries that use religion as the countries political system look stupid and savage.

Homosexuality was traditionally seen as a crime, punishable by death in many countries, or at least some decent jail time.

Wear black.

Who cares about what's traditional.

My wedding dress was just a pink dress.

And I told my family bright colours only at my funeral.

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 Unless you are wanting to wear white, you do not need to ask the bride if its ok. How ridiculous.
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 Not a lot of people wear black to funerals these days
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 Wow you're such a rebel
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