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Gift for 12 yo nephew

Not super into sports.
He’s into mine craft and plays cricket.

Any suggestions?


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You can get Minecraft Lego sets, for something different. Nerf guns are always popular too. Re the anime books, try the Amulet series - graphic novel series that are spot on for that age group (highly recommended by my 11 year old Minecraft enthusiast son too :)).

If he's a gamer I would suggest a gift card also but seeing as though you are tying something different, I would get him a custom controller or a dock to charge his existing controllers? Depending on what you want to spend and weather he has Xbox or PlayStation, see what cool add ons they have like VR goggles or something. Another great idea for a gamer kids is a DECENT set of headphones with a microphone. They can get really expensive but you can pick up a solid pair for about $100 or there abouts. Gamer chairs are also popular but I would assume they would be super expensive and mum probs wouldnt approve! Haha x

Note: Most gamer kids nowadays are into anime so Manga are quite popular at the moment (google magna if you dont already know) Manga are difficult to "gift" if you don't know what volume or series they are into but if you ask and purchashe together then you will know you have the right ones

Some books
A watch

OP Don’t think he’s big on reading and has a really nice watch 😩 a watch was one of my first thoughts
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 There are Gamer 2019 books he would probably like to read. Just little facts about a whole lot of video games.

Or Guinness book of records?

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Xbox gift card? Eb games gift card. New headset, new controllers. If pc some cool stuff to jazz up his area where he plays mine craft.

OP I get him gift cards every year and he already has the best of everything lol 😩 that’s why he’s so hard to buy for
Wanted to buy an experience but all the stuff in budget sister said he wouldn’t be that into. She’s having a hard time buying for him too.

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 How about a nice comfy beanbag to sit on? Or something like a lava lamp or a character wall clock
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My 12 yr old once got a cinema voucher and a Timezone voucher for Christmas. It gave him something to do in the school holidays and he loved it.
Even a bounce / flip out voucher would be good.

Answered by SAHM Staff

Depending on what area he lives in - could you buy him an experience? There are some new places around that do Escape Rooms, etc or a Timezone session?

The "Minecraft Annual 2020". I just googled it and I think that it is available at Big W.

OP Thanks a lot
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A gift card for his gaming system for ingame purchases. There are several books about minecraft to go with it. Maybe a shirt or plush too?