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Help. Drs cant find any reason to my pain

I feel like i cant go on. For months iv seen specialists and my gp. They cant give me an answer iv had biospsies, scans, mri, blood tests, urine, xrays, physio, . No diagnosis. Before u say ask your dr i have and no answers. My thyroid is enlarged for no reason. Im 30 and goong bald. My whole body hurts when pressed especially the sides of my ribs under arms. Tension headaches daily for months. Ears popping and my left sinus rattles and echos when i talk. Im so anxious. My arm muscles burn and ache when not doing anything. Left side of my face is numb. feet tingle. Muscles twitch all over. Bloods are always fine. Kidney, liver function fine, sugar fine. When i lift my arms above my head it cuts of my breathing Iv exhausted all options but i am in pain all day. Help i dont know where else to go. I have 3 kids to raise.


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I'm wondering if it could be fibromyalgia or a severe reaction like black mould. You could try someone like a naturopath and take them all your test results, you could be severely allergic to something as well so have you had an allergy test? So sorry you are going through this.

OP No alergy test yet. I hope its not black mould. Lived in the same house for 5 years. My kids have no symptoms. Thankyou i will look into these things
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OP I did have hives for 2 months straight 3 months ago come to think of it
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 I think the naturopath would be able to give you some help to the alternative side of things but be prepared for the cost as some can be costly. I really hope you find a solution because living in pain the way you are is horrendous
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 Also maybe look at leaky gut syndrome
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 One hundred percent agree to look into fibromyalgia. I have it and it was so bad that they thought I had lymphoma. The hives were insane. I went to about 8 doctors before I got a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I’m managing it better now but it really sucks, I hope you get some relief
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I had the enlarged thyroid, swelling, tingles, headaches and my eye prescription was changing monthly. Felt like I suddenly had asthma as well as I couldn’t breathe sometimes. Turned out I had nodules in my thyroid that was throwing my whole body out. It took ages for them to find, but easy to fix once they did. Don’t give up searching for an answer xx

OP Omg yes my eyes have gotten so bad. I usually only need my glasses for reading but now i have to wear them alot more. And yes i have nodules on my thyroid they did biopsy and came back clear. How did u fix the nodules
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 If the nodules are cancerous they take the thyroid out. If not, they gave me medication to “kill” the thyroid. If this didn’t work, they were going to remove half of the thyroid surgically. The medication worked and my thyroid went down within a week. I went off the meds before I got another appointment with the specialist and have not had any problems since.
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 The nodules trick the thyroid into thinking thete is a cancerous growth that they need to attack - ergo you get an overactive thyroid that causes all your problems. If tour thyroid is placated, all your symptoms may disappear. Good luck!
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look into fibromyalgia I have it and your symptoms sounds similar

The headaches and your ears popping and sinus rattling and echoing when you talk may mean your sinus is blocked, and possibly infected. I used to have exactly the same symptoms, from what was diagnosed as chronic allergic rhinitis.
I had a constant post nasal drip, which used to make me feel nauseous. I would throw up every morning from the crap that had gone down my throat overnight.
My nostrils used to block up at night and stop me sleeping. I would wake up constantly feeling I was suffocating.
The best fix for the constant dripping has turned out to be Nasonex, which my doctor put me onto, and it dries up all the nasal dripping, which is simply an allergic reaction. In your case possibly to the mould. You can buy Nasonex over the counter at he chemist.
To clear my sinuses, I would lay flat on my back on the bed, with my head hanging as far down over the side of the bed as I could manage, put Otrivin nasal drops in my nose, roll my head from side to side, and lay there like that for as long as I could stand. The Otrivin melts the sinus congestion, and also goes into the Eustacian tubes that link into your ears, and clears out that blockage too, which is what is causing your ears to pop and crackle.
Do that every day for at least a fortnight, and that should clear your sinuses and Eustacian tubes.

I would add, since mainline medicine has been exhausted, and has not helped, you do need to explore other options. You should not be having to struggle like this. Do try a Naturopath. Do try the Rose clinic.
Be aware that if you have been exposed to black mould, it is urgent to get checked for that. Some people are much more sensitive to it than others. And move out of any house that has it, its very dangerous.
Let us know how you go.

If your thyroid is enlarged there must be a problem there. Look up Rose thyroid Australia on line. These people are based in Australia and say that thyroid problems are a hidden, undiagnosed epidemic among women. Hair loss is a classical symptom. They have much more exhaustive tests than are run normally.
You may also have Neuromyalgia, as many of your symptoms do sound like those.
Another thing that might be worthwhile is reading a book called "Medical Medium", subtitled Secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal, by Anthony Williams. He puts forward the theory that the autoimmune diseases are actually the body's reactions to certain viruses, particularly the Epstein Barr virus. He goes through illnesses like Neuromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And also that many of the current treatments, because they are trying to treat what is not the real problem, actually make the illness worse, resulting in depression from the misery.
There are many illnesses that affect women more frequently than men, and those are two of them. If men got struck down in the numbers that women do, medical science would be doing a lot more about trying to find a fix for them.
I got my copy of his book at BigW.
I went through serious Chronic Fatigue at 19, as a young Mum, and a lot of what he says makes sense to me. Medical authorities did nothing until my heamoglobin count was down to 4, and they panicked.
You may also have a combination of problems, not just one.
Ears and sinus symptoms sound like results of an allergy like chronic allergic rhinitis.

I got a great big bald patch when I was early thirties as well as hives and a cough. My dr ended up attributing it to the mouldy house I was living in. Not much is known about toxic mould at the moment but it can cause real problems.

When you left the mould infested house did you wash all your bed linen in very hot water and hang on the line in the sun to dry, buy a new pillow, and wash soft furnishing items ? If not, the mould may still be in them, and may still be infecting you. The mould spores settle over everything.

Answered by OP

Thankyou for being helpful most of you. I will take on board everything everyone has said qnd hopefully find an answer. Yes medical has been exhausted. Never thought id be in this situation.