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Would your partner let you spend the night with another person (just one night-never repeated again) for $1 million dollars cash?

All you have to do is spend the night with this other person, not necessarily sleep, but it could be an option. You and your family would get $ 1million, no other strings attached......
What would be your moral conduct in this?


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For $1million I would lay roses on the bed, fill the bath and get champagne ready. I would cook a 5 course meal and make sure my partner smelt like what God smells like. For $1,000,000 I would even cork his a*s so he doesn't fart.

 You took the words out of my mouth!
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Where are all these people offering a million dollars for one night? Take my vagina!

Money doesn't bring might have a million $$ at the end of it, but the issues of your partner being sexually intimate with someone else will surely eat away at your relationship eventually!

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 If so so many people survive cheating pretty sure plenty more could survive consensual, one night of work essentially to set the up the rest of their lives.
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What makes you think someone would want to pay that kind of money for a night with you? lmao

Yeah I wouldn't be worried about it my husband is good in bed and would probably get a tip too. So long as they are safe with protection.

Isn't their a Robert Redford movie about that exact situation?

My husband wouldn't be okay with it. He's very protective and jealous.

No. Just no! I would never recover and would probably try to run them both over!

I wouldn't have an issue. Number one is that I don't own my wife. She can make her choices. Number 2, if sex was gonna be an option (for a mill I'd be surprised if it wasn't) it is a physical act, I wouldn't be pissed if she played netball, it is just another enjoyment in life. Assuming there isn't any lying there isn't anything wrong.

Hell yes and i would let my hubby do it as well. Ground rules would be mutually agreed, tell the truth and be 1000000000% safe. 1 million bucks would be life Changing for our family

Where in the question does it say they have to have sex?. It doesn't. I would so trust my husband of 30 years. He would probably be polite enough to stay up all night and talk for $1000000.

My man does every other night. With his wife. I am ok with it. 15 years and still strong.

 Wow do you not feel bad on his wife?! How would you feel if the boot was on the other foot?
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