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What are you thankful/grateful for?


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I am soooooo grateful for the single parents pension, without it my kids and i would be dead, with it, i am
Able to provide a good safe life for them. I work as well, but the pension provides a safety net for me and got us out of a terrible situation. So seriously THANK YOU CENTRELINK!

 It can be a wonderful system for those who truly need it 💖
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 Find more hours
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 Hello bushpig
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I'm thankful for everything I have and what I don't have, I don't need 💕

Can be a SAHM

 That's wonderful 💞
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Thankful i'm not obese, still holding it together quite well. I love my lifestyle. Thankful i didn't marry or have children with any of my previous boyfriends. Thankful for the people in my life and thankful for the ones that are out of it. Thankful for blue sky, rain, ocean & sun.... And Mexican food.

 Well said 💜
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Soooo grateful i dont have to spend anytime with you

 ^ any time. Not anytime
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My gorgeous body

 Perhaps the op of this reply is obese or missing a limb but they consider themselves gorgeous, and grateful for what they have, thats not shallow.
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 Maybe she works out bloody hard to achieve her gorgeous body. Whatever the reason, good on her. Not shallow at all.
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 Not being obese
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My husband

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Have 8 healthy kids

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 Bless you babe. I struggle with 3 😂😂
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 That is such a rude response, she could have said that because she was genuinely thankful for having a government that supports those who may really need it. My god, I think you should think before you respond
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 I can only work 12 hours a week
You can’t survive on 12 hours a week

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Healthy kids healthy husband healthy self.

The rest of my life is “perfect”
I live in a beachfront trust fund house. I have a really successful business that I enjoy doing and work 15 hours a week and it makes about $100 and hour.
Iv for great kids, live in a great community.
Marriage isn’t one of those rare gems of just a great marriage. It’s definatly the one thing that’s not amazing, but it’s not bad either. He’s a good man. Iv got great parents and family and in laws....
I’m thankful for it all
BUT It’s all useless without health.

So I’m most grateful for health.

 Yes health can be taken for granted
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