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PTSD & kids

I have PTSD and am finding the kids unbearable on school holidays. Any loud noises happy or sad or that silliness they do is excruciating for me I'm yelling at them and barricading myself in the bedroom most days of school holidays at some point. I'm on medication for aNxiety on a high dose but it drops blood pressure and I am dizzy. Period makes my temper worse. My husband is understanding occasionally but we can't afford daycare and have no family help so says deal with it. What can I do? The more I beg the louder they are the more I yell the worse I feel! Is their a kids book to explain my symptoms? I put on a brace face a lot to clarify they dont suffer at all I do. There is no point seeking medical help again the system is useless I need your tips from mums who have ideas to help me and my kids learn to be together all day and have inside and outside voices


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You poor thing, I feel like that some days without having ptsd or anxiety to deal with also. My husband suffers ptsd and is exactly as you described with our kids only difference is he isn't the one with them and looks forward to going to work! My only suggestion would be forget rules about tv, ipads etc, let them go for it anything for peace! Also get out as much as possible, walks, parks, drives in the car, shopping centres with holiday activities it doesn't have to cost. Hang in there, you're almost halfway through. These are the worst holidays with kids, at least the next ones its warmer! Good luck

 Thank you for understanding I will look into iPads and walk with them tomorrow
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