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New decade and start of my 40s. Thinking of my mortality a lot. Am I normal?

I am not depressed but I was at kid art gallery today and felt nauseous and freaked I could be pregnant and wondered about my death and really there are only a few things we can do on this earth and if time as a younger adult was best spent and o will ine day die and have to leave my children... I have a man I really love, I crossed earth to marry him, I have 3 young kids, I have travelled and I am in good health. I have had fun,esp in my 20s i rocked that decade. As I approached 30, I realised time was ticking and I had to get off my butt and do the things I said i would and i went overseas. I have done inner work like gotten better talks with hubby and . I have overcome setbacks in my 20s, big emotional ones like being attacked. I just feel there are less possibilities now.. I miss the looking forward part of being in my 20s, I just feel a reckoning or something. Normal?


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Welcome to your 40s babe. This is a completely normal feeling. You've had an incredible life and you seem very appreciative of what you have but........ the best is yet to come. I say hold on to your knickers babe, buckle up and enjoy the ride xx

Geez, everyone is talking about 40 as if you’ll soon be pushing up daisies! It’s barely midlife nowadays!

Im very similar to you, 40 and 3 small kids, partied and travelled . Im too busy Making the most of life to worry too much but I am more conscious of death because a few colleagues and family friends have died. I figure just look after yourself and enjoy every minute

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I think of death as the beginning of a new adventure, but only because I believe in a type of existence after death....I don’t believe we fully die just reincarnate.

40s is still young, just enjoy your life and be grateful x

I am 47 and I think in your 40s you realize that the most important thing is the time you have left.