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Munch box yumbox??

Does anyone have one? Any good? Am tempted but $40 for a lunch box not so sure.


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My daughter has a munchbox. It is good but it did cost about $60. It is quite big and I bought 2 different tray inserts for it. The outside is pretty scratched already though from being in her school bag (classrooms have fridges so no cooler bags...which I guess would give it more protection). My daughter doesn't take yoghurt to school even if she did I wouldn't put it straight into the lunchbox...just because the lunchbox is rolling around the school bag upside down, yoghurt would get all over the lid and could get very messy when opening. I like the lunchbox but my daughter is a small eater so it doesn't get used to it full potential and is never at capacity. Last year she used a small sistema container that was divided into 3 sections that I got from Big W for $7 and it was just as good.

I like them for me. But i work in childcare and they dont seem to be as good as they are made out to be. Parents put wet and dry food in them and they often mix. Ive had whole containers mixed with yoghurt. Gross. So if you get one for young children i suggest not putting wet food in. I do believe though, they are marketed to do this- just in my experience they often do leak and it basically ruins the whole lunch...

Munchbox are over priced and absolute crap!
Extremely poor customer service. Broke in 3 months. Cost us money to return, and then they blamed us for the product seizing at the hinge. INSIDE THE HINGE!