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What do you like about Christmas?

There is a lot of stress on here and at my house over money food relatives too many and not enough presents ect now I'd love to hear your favorite thing about Christmas the good things your tradition or your best bit :)


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The kids faces Christmas morning. Spending the day with just our little family. We live 600k from our closest relatives. We refuse to go anywhere for Christmas, if people want to spend Christmas with us they come to us. The kids spend all day playing with their presents and we have a casual lunch. Me and my partner have a few drinks and it so relaxing and no stresses. We end up so refreshed after Christmas.

OP I want this!
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 We do this too! I thought we were the only ones who discovered this Christmas miracle. We also live close to the beach and will pop down there if it's hot.
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 It is the best. We had family with us last year and they loved the way we do Christmas. They can't wait to do it with us in a couple of years.
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 So jealous. I get to drag the kids away from the presents and take them to the inlaws then do it again the next day to see my side.
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I love that it's a family day but I also hate that its a family day lol. I love that we all get to catch up and eat and be happy but I hate the expectations that come with it.. it's all just little things but they really get to me now I have kids

On Christmas morning my husband and I lay in bed until the kids come into our bedroom running and squealing that Santa has been. We jump up and pretend to be just as surprised that they are. My oldest doesn't believe in Santa anymore but still gets caught up in the excitement of the moment and I just love it.

I love looking at Christmas lights, making christmasy treats, wrapping presents, buying my kids presents, watching Christmas movies...I just love Christmas.

Xmas light looking.. Family all in one spot.. The look on the kids face when they open the gift that I've been saving for all year.. Water fight after Xmas lunch.. Food oh the food mmmmmm

This yr it's going to be getting my drink on with my sister. I haven't had a drink with her in over 2 yrs and have missed it. The boys can watch the kids and we is getting tipsy 😁. And we are both planning on having babies next yr so it might be our only chance for another 2 yrs

The kids faces and their wonder and excitement at it all

I love going to the family lunch (my Husband's family) it is always relaxed and everyone has a ball. This year it is at our house and we have done up around the pool in fairy lights, I can't wait. I also love cooking and having people surprised at what I have made, I always make the Christmas Pudding it takes ages but everyone loves it