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Pregnancy weight loss tips

For big mummas who need to get their bmi down


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Low carb diet, walking, not a lot of information but hope it helps.

Healthy snacks every 2 hours. And be active. 'What we eat determines our size what we do determines our shape'

Lots of veggies, lean protein, fruit, nuts and low fat cheeses as snacks. I was having a little dish of plain lowfat Greek yogurt with chopped almonds and berries. Then a few cheese cubes with an apple for a snack. Lunch was a big salad with lentils or chickpeas for protein. Later I'd have carrots dipped in plain yogurt with a bit of ranch seasoning. Dinner was a small bit of steak or chicken with another salad and sweet potato. My big treat was low fat frozen chocolate yogurt. I would walk 30 mins 2 or 3 times a day and found a pregnancy yoga dvd i did at least 4 times a week. I lost 5kilos while pregnant and was down a total of 12 kilos from prebaby 2 weeks after the birth. It's about small, nutritious portions. Lots if water. And staying active.

I'd ask your Dr for a referral to a nutritionist

OP Yep waiting on seeing them now. Just wondering what other types of food or meal ideas. If I don't reduce my bmi to under 40, ill have to go to metropolitan hospital
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