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Centrelink fraud

So I got a letter from ato about my work history last year. I am a single parent to 2 and was working. I started off telling centrelink that I was working but I lost the job. When I started the new one I just kept forgetting to call. I feel like such a terrible person and I know I should never have done it. I new it was going to catch up to me. I don't know what going to happen. Has anyone done this and can let me know how use went. I don't want to lose my kids. Im willing to go on a payment plan to pay it all back.
If anyone has anything on this or knows of anyone who has done it in QLD can you tell me how they went with it.


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Hi, I've actually commited this fraud on purpose and I'm only writing this because it's anon. I kept claiming single parent pension while working full time to try and get out of crippling debt. Anyway, I ended up owing $16,000. I had to have a phone interview with the fraud dept. and I was just honest about my deceit, I had stopped before they caught me because I felt so guilty. I was not prosecuted and had to repay $70 a week.

 Let me add some things in these replies are not true.
Here are the facts;

*you CAN continue to recieve benefits if you're entitled
*you don't have to repay in full.
*you can go on a payment plan.
*they won't take your tax return if you have a payment plan in place because they don't take it for single parent pension debts.

When it all caught up with me I was wreck, thinking I'd have to go to court and possibly prison which is a reality for some people and it could still happen to you yet but having been through all of this I think it's unlikely.
My advice is call them and fess up about the fraud and about your boyfriend before they have to chase you more.

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 I was not paid spp until my $2000 debt was paid and they can ask you to pay in full obviously you can say no and deal with whatever conquences of not doing so.
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 They are not going to let your kids starve or end up on the street, you will be able to pay it off. Please ignore poppy she has issues.
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 OP of this comment here, they do not cut you off your entitlements for having a debt. Sorry but you are wrong, like that person said above ^ they are obligated to continue paying you for the welfare of your children. I know this because I have personally been through it and I owed a lot more than $2000, as stated.
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 Poppy here. As I said I was not paid SPP until the $2000 was cleared. I was still paid FTB so no they were not letting my children starve.
Obviously every case is different. I assume you have called this morning and have a verdict on your case. Maybe your still on hold 😋

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Lots of couples claim Single pension
I know a couple and he earns around $4500 a fortnight and she claims single mums pension
Hope she knows when her youngest goes to school she has to look for work and will be put on Newstart

How did you go op?

 Jail for 7mths
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Don’t go telling them you forgot to call. It sounds terribly lame, that phone call would have been top priority if they were underpaying you.
Call Centrelink, record the call, take detailed notes on the time and who you spoke to and what was said.
It’s not as simple as a payment plan, you have committed fraud. Considering you are working they would expect a decent amount to be paid upfront and or weekly, none of the $20 a week Centrepay crap.
They can also not pay any benefits until it is paid back so get budgeting.
Depending on the amount you could be charged, it doesn’t sound like it went on too long though.

 They can take your tax return too
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OP I defiantly won't say that. I know it sounds pathetic. Do you think it would be better for me to go in and talk to someone or to ring them. It was about 12months. I was more thinking 100 a week
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 Just call them tomorrow, ask how much you owe and ask what your options are.
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 Definitely call them so you can record and document. Plus they make you feel like a tosser at the best of times in Centrelink.
Everyone over hears stuff, you wait for a long time, my Centrelink is full of shoe less ferals.
Make a cuppa and sit on hold with a note pad ready

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 You'll be fine. They often are very kind and if your honesty hey will take you at face value. I doubt you will have to repay all at once, it depends likely on your income, the payment plan you organise. They will just make notes that you've entered an agreement etc. good luck mama bear, you'll be ok
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Answered by OP

I also have just met someone new only very new. But I don't know how to tell him. Any tips?. I'm stressing so badly

 If he’s really new do you really need to just now
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OP I feel like of I don't it just starts on a lie. I'm scared I'll end up in jail or something. Hence the reason
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 The chances of jail are pretty slim if it’s only 12 months. The worst case would possibly be parole or a suspended sentence but that is usually for repeat offenders
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 Is he living with you ? Or spend more than 3 days at your place ?
I am single mum with a partner of 5 years and he comes over every second weekend and I see him 2 times a week at his place and we pay our own way

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 You have to tell them your exact situation now, nights at each other’s houses is irrelevant. They usually interview both of you separately and decide themselves.
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 If it's a new relationship it's irrelevant.
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How much were you over paid?

OP I'm not really sure right now. Financial year I made about 30000.
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 Quick calculation
If you earned 30k that is 1152 fortnight.
If say you have 2 kids between 12 mth and 7 years. Australian citizen, you are single and pay $300 week rent you are entitled to $389.07 a fortnight.
If you did not report earnings you would have received $764.60

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 That is an over payment of $9763.78.
Get on the online estimator and work out what you were entitled to compared to what you received in the 12 months. It can vary because you might not wish to sit and enter every amount earned over the 12 months. If you earned a lot one fortnight you would have been entitled to less and if you earnt less one fortnight you would have been entitled to more.
Also payslips may not be at the ready , obviously you can’t go by internet banking as you need gross not net.
Call first thing, no doubt they have a figure waiting, you can ask for your options

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You will just have to pay back what you owe. Hubby didn't change his employment. He told me he did but he didn't. This was back when we had separate accounts. He finally told me it all caught up with him and we owed 9,000. We couldn't go on a payment plan either. Had to pay it outright. I could have killed him I was so furious.

 I should add thankfully he paid it all back and now (many years later) we over estimate so we don't get anything from them. Not that it was their fault. Bloody husband.
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OP Dis he get into much trouble if you don't mind me asking?. I couldn't pay a huge amount out right as I'm struggling so bad financially right now.
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 No trouble at all. But he paid it back straight away so I don't know what would have happened if he didn't.
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Just be honest and accept what will happen the only way you will know is to call them

Centrelink frauders should go to jail. Forgetting to call is a pathetic excuse. If they underpaid you, I can guarantee you would not hesitate to call them and wait hours for them to answer. There is no excuse. If someone stole money from you and you caught them, would you let them keep it. I suspect not. Well you are stealing from me, the tax payer. The government has the power to take your house and car and in these circumstances they should exercise this. It wasn't until you go the letter that you decided to act. You are a thief.

I dont have any info but i feel for you. Id be freaking out! But im a MAJOR stresser! xx