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Family holiday

Please give suggestions of family holiday resorts or accomodation that you have stayed in before and absolutely love. We don't holiday often so budget isn't really an issue.


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The best place you could ever holiday in (within Australia) is 'Deez nuts' I'll include free return airfares :)

We do a lot of road trips and camping. We've explored all of southern mainland Australia and up to southern Queensland. If thats something you might be interested in I cannot recommend Discovery holiday parks enough. They've got loads of facilities and activities. If you camp in a tent it's not too expensive per night.
Otherwise, my favourite places to go are either Sydney (I'm a Sydneysider at heart) and stay in Surry Hills or even Mosman is nice. Or Adelaide. Sydney has loads of family activities and lots to do. Adelaide (for me anyway) is more relaxed and a chill out holiday. It doesn't feel like a big city, more of an oversized town (in a good way).

Treasure Island Holiday Park Gold Coast.
Lots to do for kids and close to Theme parks.

If budget isnt an issue you could consider visiting poop island? My guinea pigs make fresh ones in our garden on a daily basis, there's even some police Lego men buried in them somewhere

Ur-anus? There's a free shuttle bus that will take you there every Wednesday night :)

My favorite is to hire a boat for 7-10 days and do the Whitsundays, but not during summer months as you need stinger suits. Next, is road trip from Perth to Albany thru Margaret River. There is so much to see and do. Next ... Sydney is great for a family holiday, Taronga Zoo, see a show, centrepoint, hyde park, aquarium, art gallery, museum, darling harbour.
Fiji is good if you wanted a easy overseas family friendly holiday. Just stay on the coral coast or an island to get the fjian feel.

Marriott Spa Resort Gold Coast, we don't even bother going to the theme parks anymore just stay there the entire time.