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Do you wear a bra / crop top under nightly / pyjamas


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Only while I’m breastfeeding so I don’t leak

 I was just about to reply the same
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You gave up on wearing bras over 7 years ago, I have very large breasts and was sick of spending hundreds of dollars on bras from speciality store that were properly fitted. I wasn’t comfortable in any of them so I don’t wear a bra and I don’t care what people think

 Good on you
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 Yuck in public
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 ^ No boobs? How sad for you
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 I agree, good for you! Im trying to accept grey hair atm, but trying to do it in a sexy, i dont care way.. Sick of dying my hair, and i feel like, why should i? When i can rock grey hair...
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 ^ This is me. You sound awesome too babe 🥰
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No! Comfy stretchy singlet under pjs for winter.
In summer singlet and undies with boxer shorts nearby for facing the people that live in my home aka kids lol

I have boys so I don’t like going floppy mcflop flops when I’m up in the morning so I wear a crop top for support.

No way. I love taking my bra off. Come home bra off and comfy pants on, i'm done for the day.

I wear a crop top. I’m not huge but I don’t like them flopping when I lay on my side.

No. Bedtime is the only time I can let it all hang out 😆