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Present for my nan

My nan is turning 85 in a few days. I have no idea what to get her. Last year we got her a canvas of the great grand kids, she doesn't like perfumes/creams/pamper stuff. I got her a tree for Xmas. I have no idea!!! Throw some ideas at me :)


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You know what.... I opened this to read and write something helpful to you....
To only realise, I haven’t had anyone that old in my life for such a long time. All grandparents passed away by the time I was 20:( just made me a bit sad to think about the last time I bought one of them a gift and can’t even remember when or what !
Cherish the thought and memories of your grandparents if you are lucky enough to still have them!

What about a talking book? My grandfather who was blind was in a nursing home for the better part of his 90s (he died age 98) and his iPod was one of his prized possessions. My mum put his favourite music on it, as well as some talking books. Maybe something along those lines?

 Love talking books, great for long road trips. Would be good for oldies too with no eye strain etc. And that was the entertainment back in the day before TV, story telling on the radio, I think it will be a winner.
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My 93 year old grandma told me to stop giving her stuff cause I will get it back soon so I handmake cards like I used to when I was little with love hearts that pop out and she laughs and shows everyone

A nice pot plant

OP Thank you :)
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Did she have favourite radio programs from her younger days,? like "the Goon Show", Pam Ayres (silly but hilarious poems), "I'm sorry Ill read that again", which was written by John Cleese among others, so was the radio version of what became Monty Python.
They are available from ABC shop I think, and are also on-line, so you could put some of those on an ipod for her.
Or an ipad, with old comedy tv programs like Monty Python, Dads Army etc loaded onto them.
I know someone who loaded all those onto her elderly fathers laptop, with a big TV screen.
The things that will give her great joy are the things from her teenage / young adult days, and for her it would have been radio.

OP I do love this idea!! She wasn't born here and unfortunately her memory is going so she doesn't remember alot and gets upset if she can't remember things.
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Great post, I’m having the same dilemma. My nan turns 90 in a couple of weeks and i was after ideas too. I was thinking of a scarf. Her sight is pretty bad so can’t get her books or photos etc. Her appetite isn’t great so can’t get her chocolates. I know she loves hugs so I’ll wrap her in one of those all day.

Everyone’s diff; but some times I buy my folks an
Oxfam gift.. chicken.. thibj they’re about $10 or $20 only..
she may not appreciate it but just an idea 💡


 Not very original. No doubt you already know this answer has already been deleted.
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High tea??

OP She loves high tea!! We went last weekend.
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 Ah! Great idea but not so helpful if you’ve just been!!!
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Food hamper of all her favourites
Make her a cake
Magazine subscription/ book or audio book
Make up a voucher for a lunch date
Slippers and dressing gown

Your time. People that age don’t care about material things so much as spending time with family. Organise a big family get together and have all her favourite foods. That would mean more to her than vouchers or chocolates.

OP Thank you but I do spent alot of time with her, we have big gathering this weekend for her. :)
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- Could you take her out for lunch?
- Make up a hamper in a nice basket wrapped in cellophane with a bow - fill it with things like different teas, coffee, nice biccies, chocolates, a nice coffee mug, anything that she likes...

OP Hamper is a nice idea :)
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Give her a voucher for some new clothes. Somewhere nice like David Jones, or somewhere nice for elderly.

OP Thank you but she won't use that at all.
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