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What would you do?

Would you want to move cities( Brisbane to Townsville) mid pregnancy that is high risk and away from your specialist so you and your husband could be under the same roof?or would you stay with the specialist but do long distance of 2 hrs away ( Brisbane to Toowoomba)with your husband for the first 6 months of the newborns life? ( keep in mind my husband is very hands on and a huge support as we don’t live anywhere near family)
we have also done distance before and it sucks, how much more would it suck with a newborn
Two different options for my husbands career and We just do not know what to do?


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Is there a reason you couldn't move until bub is 6 months old?

 Yeah it would be my husbands job. If we stay where we are he would have a job that would be six months here and the last six months in Toowoomba it’s a training year over two places. Where as Townsville would be a training year in one place
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 But why can't you move to toowoomba once bub is born? Not being rude, just trying to understand. So stay in Brisbane until bub is born then you move to be with hubby.
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 It is an option but we would be moving up north at the end of next year so that would mean two moves in a year but it is possible
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 Ah right, I get that moving is a pain!
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I had a new born in brissy plus a 5 year old and hubby did toowoomba dido for 7 months! We coped just fine. Good days and bad days but time flew

Ask your specialist to refer you to someone in townsville. Go meet them see if you are happy, go see the hospital see if you are happy. If you are move ASAP

I actually did this. Hubby in Townsville. Me in Melbourne. Fell pregnant. And I moved to Townsville. The hospital was fantastic :)

 Which hospital? Is there a private one there? Can they handle complicated pregnancy?
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 Not the op of this comment but live in Townsville. There is a private hospital - The Mater. They can handle high risk pregnancies and so can the public hospital. I didn’t have high risk pregnancies but my friend did both times - she was public and was more than happy with her experiences and the care she and bub got both times.
Honestly I can’t fault the Townsville hospital at all, haven’t had any experience with the Mater though.

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