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Has anyone here ovulated during IVF despite being on orgalutran to stop ovulation?

Apparently it's extremely rare but we just did our first round of ivf. Despite all the drugs I still only produced one mature follicle and still ovulated before they could do egg collection. I'm upset but even more so as the doc decided to still go ahead with my collection after he saw I've ovulated hoping to catch my one follicle floating around :-( . He didn't. I'm angry he didn't cancel the procedure when they knew it was happening and let us try naturally. I think he wanted the $6000 tbh. Anyone else had this happen?


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Thanks for your answer I think it must be rare!

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Anyone? Anyone?

  Might be best to find a support group on Facebook and ask there. Can always message the admin of the group to get them to ask the question on your behalf if you want it to be anonymous.
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