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Can you please post an anominous question for me? Im a mum of 5 -- 4 girls and 1 boy my partner has a little girl to a previous relationship ... The ex is protesting that her (only child ) is not allowed to wear my children's second hand underwear - its a major health risk If the clothes are washed in washing liquid, nappy sand and either a cap of vingear or disinfectant in HOT WASH AND DRIED IN A HOT DRIER are they still a health risk? And how many big families hand down clothes shies underpants etc to the younger siblings ??


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You have money to waste using a dryer but not buy underpants lmao

I am all for 2nd hand cloths too but 2nd hand underpants is disgusting no matter how you clean them!
Would you wear 2nd hand underpants? I sure wouldn't. His exs underpants perhaps?
Kids should also have atleast a few sets of clothing purchased just for them. There is no excuse not to with how cheap kids clothing is!!!

Btw kids undies are $10 for a pk of ten at big w. Shop online if there is not one local!
Op shops don't accept them, domestic violence shelters don't either. For good reason!

 Im all for second hand clothes but undies eeewwww. I dont even like it when u take shoes and socks off only to have to put them back on i need a clean pair of socks. I would never wear someone elses undies that were clean unless in dire straights and even then i think i have about 30 pairs of undies for just incase lol
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 I dont think its true op shops dont accept them. I have seen undies in op shops.
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 Are you sure they are second hand? If they are selling them second hand they shouldn't. The health department does not allow it.
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 I do an 'undie run' collecting donated NEW undies for my local dv shelter. DV shelters and op shops don't accept them. If you see them point out to the staff that you could report them to the health department.
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 All op shops in my town have a bra basket. With second hand Bras
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 ^ bras are a bit different to undies!
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 Do you wash your knickers separately from your husband and kids ?
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 Not a joke, but my husband washes the kids underwear separately from ours because of any skiddies or period staining! If I wash them together he will rewash his stuff! So he does washing now
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Undies no. I have 2 girls and they don't share at all. Weirdly though, people buy and sell second hand cloth nappies, and they see a lot more soiling than knickers.

 fair point^^^^^
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 I know and I find that fu****g disgusting also!
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 its different. Cloth nappies are designed to be washed and sanitised by the sun. They are made of fabric like bamboo that dont hold soiling and sunlight has uv which kills germs. You can also get cloth liners which catch poos and flush down the toilet so its only wee that goes on the nappy. If you go in a public pool or the ocean, guess what theres wee in it!

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 Do you wash everyone’s undies separately
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 All undies are designed to be washed. Sunlight has UV which kills germs in any fabrics, not just bamboo. That's why you can wear them yourself again after washing them. If they had bacteria still on them after being washed, they would still smell, and would not by hygienic to wear again.
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I have to admit prior to this I was handing down under ware to my youngest. It's just material!

Seriously stop being a tight a*s. Go to Kmart and spend a couple of bucks and buy new underwear for the poor child.
Would you wear someone else's underwear?? Gross. Poor kid!!

 Do you wash everyone’s undies separately
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I agree with your ex. I'd be protesting and furious if someone tried to make my child wear their kids 2nd hand undies. Some things just shouldn't be shared. Undies are cheap to buy new anyway. Why would anyone do that? Yuck!!!

Does it really matter? I don't see anything wrong with siblings sharing undies but if you or your spouse does then don't.

I think that is gross. Undies are not expensive, why can't you go buy some new ones for her? I'm all for second hand clothes, but draw the line at underpants. You can't even buy second hand undies in an op shop.

I would be livid if my child's step mother dressed my child in hand me down undies! It is gross! They cost $5 for a pack of 5 in Kmart!

You clean your junk in the shower or bath and then you dry your clean body with a towel. Especially kids, aren't particularly hygienic at times meaning their undies get bits of wee and poo and probably blood on them, completely different. OP send me your address and I'll send you some of my old knickers. Put them through a hot wash and then wear them for the next year and tell me how you like it.

I'm one of 8. Socks and undies are cheap and DO NOT GET PASSED DOWN. Hand me downs are one thing but intimates, NO!!!

That's fu****g disgusting! Buy the child their own underwear! My god!!! Even the term second hand underwear is fu****g putrid!

I would freak out if someone made my child wear hand me down undies!
You can get like 5 pair for $5 in kmart.
Would you like to wear second hand undies!? Do you make all your kids wear hand me down undies or just your partner's kid

Kmart have awesome cheap undies, grab her some of her own. I'm not against it but I'm for picking your battles.

Being a step mum is a real privilege to help give this child a better life. Why would you skimp on buying undies. That's what parenting payment and family tax benefit is for. To provide food and clothing etc for kids.

 Sadly some people don't see it this way and spend the money on themselves rather than the kids.
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