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I didn’t sign up for this

When will it end ?
Drowning in ironing housework and work
I can’t do this anymore


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Who still irons?

 Some of us have to for work, my husband and I both wear corporate attire day in, day out and then add 3 kids with annoying as f**k private school uniforms made of the most wrinkly fabric invented to torture us all. Sorry to rant but ironing is not a life choice is all.
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 Get your husband to do his own ironing. If the kids are old enough they can do their own too. My husband irons his own shirts, always has.
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 I have never ironed my work uniforms 😂
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 I guess we are lucky we all have polo shirts as work and school shirts. I only iron for things like weddings and funerals 😂
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 Id say ironing is a life choice.
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My brother in law and his partner went on a 6 week holiday and rang me 5 days before they came back if I can iron 3 full baskets and clean 2 bathrooms etc and he will pay me
Said how much
He said $50
Said f**k it and didn’t do it
Mother in law did it for free

Take the kids out of private school, go public, theres half your ironing gone right there! Then use the money to pay for a cleaner and someone to do your ironing. Private school for highschool, public for primary.

 And you might be able to drop a couple of days work too if your not paying private fees....
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 Public school and have uniforms
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I hear you! I can barely get on top of it all; all at once. I can get one task at a time done, but then the rest of the house looks like a disaster. But, I keep sane and leave the house more often than not. Hope you can too

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I don’t iron and I don’t fold either 😱😱😱😱. I have shelves in the kids wardrobes that have baskets on them. Basket for T-shirt’s, basket for shorts, jumpers etc. just sort into appropriate basket. Uniforms and any “special occasion” clothes get hung up straight from dryer/ clothes line and if something got squashed and looks terrible, quick spray with water to dampen, then in the dryer for 5 min while I do something else. If you have a pain in the arse collar, use a hair straightener. None of us ever look wrinkled and I never get annoyed at anyone for pulling folded clothes out everywhere to find something 👍👍. Focus on the kitchen and living area, if those two are clean, the house always looks clean. I notice if my kitchen bench is clear and the lounge room is tidy, the rest doesn’t bother me too much and it doesn’t feel chaotic. If the kids rooms are a bomb, shut the door. A few times when I’ve told my kids to tidy up (when it gets too ridiculous) and they don’t, I tell them if they don’t, I will do it and my way of cleaning is to put anything on the floor or bed that doesn’t belong in a garbage bag and toss in the bin. They learn after the first time 😂. Put a big toy bin/ basket in their room to make it easier for them if they are littler.

Iron on demand. Housework is your friend: because its always there for you.
You CAN do this, who gives a f**k about dumb shit. Let's just enjoy the moments we have here. Because our days are numbered.
It's nature.

I hear you.. single Mum of 4 here and have to do everything. Washing, ironing, taxi run, gardening of a large yard, cleaning... and the list goes on. I work full time and do 3 other casual jobs to make ends meet. If I could afford a cleaner and/or gardener I would.
Life could be worse. And in time it will get easier.
I do what I can in the time that I have. If friends come over they come to see me, not whether I have finished cleaning or iroming or a totally spotless house. I dont stress the small things.
I have the unconditional love of 4 gorgeous kids and I work hard to give them the life I never had.

 How can you work full time and 3 casual jobs ?
Put down the crack pipe

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 Not the poster but I have worked a full time position plus two part time positions, I was working up to 90 hours a week, it's very possible
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 She could be doing full time 9-5 then do a nighfill job and then have casual weekend work. It’s possible to have more than one job.
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 I am the OP of the reply. I work 7-4pm 5 days. I do cleaning, tutoring, work as a carer after 4pm and weekends
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 Your kids are neglected
Come on you need to work smarter not harder

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 My kids are in no way neglected thank you very much. My kids are always my first priority. They get a healthy home cooked meal every night, my time is always available for them, they are loved, they do activities, I am involved in their lives any way I can be. I work my casual jobs around them and their activities. Unfortunately my jobs are not high income. I work long hours to pay bills.
I wish I had the qualifications to have a higher paying job, but I dont. So I do what I can to make ends meet.

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 Please don't feel like you have to justify yourself to the troll. You are doing a great thing showing your kids that sometimes hard work is required in life. I'm sure they appreciate the effort you are putting in so you can afford a home, food and activities.
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I got a cleaner after feeling constantly overwhelmed. Best decision I ever made. It just took so much pressure off. Looking back, I wish I had done it years before. Another option if ironing is a problem, getting someone to do that would also reduce pressure. But I particularly like the respondents suggestion to get family members to do their own ironing. Kids these days are often helpless when they leave home.
Some cleaning chores could be handed out in return for pocket money. They shouldn't be getting pocket money for nothing anyway. You don't get money for doing nothing once you leave home.
There was a thread on here a couple of years ago about how much housework kids are expected to do, and at what ages. Search for that. It was very interesting reading.

Here I am called selfish choosing to have one baby
I am enjoying my hot coffee now while hubby is paying attention to our 19 week old baby
If I got pregnant even though on pill I would have an abortion

 I am childless not by choice
My life can be boring
I suggest you give your baby a sibling
I was the only child and hated it and was jealous of my cousins having a sibling or siblings
One of my cousins is one out of 12

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 Having a sibling is no guarantee of a constant playmate and companion. Nor does being an only child mean constant loneliness. People choose to stop at just on for many reasons. It’s not for you to judge.
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 I was only child & loved it. It's all about perspective.
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 Your baby can't even move yet. Get back to us in 18 months 😂😂😂
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 Lol 19 weeks hahahahah.... oh dear, this is the easy part! Defo dont have another baby if you are struggling already.
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 My two are 4 years apart and hate each other.
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Sometimes I think I should drop a few days at work to clean house. But I know I'd never clean it.

 Get a cleaner
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How old are your kids? It does get easier as they get older. They won’t need your attention all the time and they can help you with chores. If you can, pay someone else to iron for you. Give yourself a break now and then.

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