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Until you’re 10 children need to hold hands crossing a road

What is this rubbish? If your child is street smart why should my 8year old hold my hand, what is the world coming to in infantilising our children? Is this a law? I saw the ads and now the school has mentioned it, am I only one who feels this way?


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Really? Keeping kids safe has you this irate? If It saves just one child's life then it's worth it. Woman, have a bloody word with yourself.

 This!! My sentiment as well xx
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 Well, it does make me irate. I get that the traffic has changed , but I was riding to school in the same neighbourhood, when I was 8, with my friends below 10. A 10year old is in the final year/two years of primary school, but they are holding hands? Anyway, I think It would save more kids getting them street smart rather than wrapping them in cotton wool. Kids do have different maturity and my kids certainly can check roads
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What is the world coming to? holding my kids hands as they cross the street! That's asking way too much. All i want to do all day is have my fat flabby arse on my lounge eating potato chips watching commercial tv.

 Yes coming from the person probably driving everywhere. I ask this question as someone who rides and walks my kids to school. What’s your deal?
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 You're annoying as not being able to find the start of toilet paper on a new roll.
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 Well I guess if that is all you have to say then it says more about you, to resort to put downs
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My kids all rode bikes or scooters or walked to school from year 2. We were not that far from school like 1km and I started work 7am. That's just how it was. My youngest is 10 now, but if he needed to hold hands walking he'd have to catch the bus cos I start work 6 now so I guess we're both lucky lol. But I guess there loads of kids out there with zero road sense that need to be physically guided across the road.
How are kids supposed to ride around the block or go play down at the park around the corner if they need to be highly supervised. They need to learn positive risk taking and independence too, but they also need to be safe.

You may feel that way but children are children and no matter how well you teach them they do not have the impulse control and maturity required to look after themselves on the road at 8 years old. Children do make poor judgements in such environments because they are children, their brains won't be fully developed until their mid 20s!

 One could argue you that not allowing them to learn these skills is also creating kids with poor judgments
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 Nope, you can't argue with scientifically proven neurology.
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 Lol seriously? Nature vs nurture? Hearts of that? I am aware that the amygdala dies fully form until late 20s,, but science always warns correlation doesn't mean causation. Go back to school
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The problem is some children mature faster than others. I have a very mature, smart, switched on 9 year old who is very capable of crossing a road by himself.
However my almost 8 year old (18 months between the two), is so "young" for his age. He's the kind of kid that will blindly step out in front of cars in a car park.
And of course people don't use common sense anymore, so they put out a blanket rule to cover all those immature children.
Well that's my theory anyway...

 Yes I think it is a blanket suggestion, but is it a law?
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Yeah, i saw the ads too last night and tbough WTF?? My kids and all the neighborhood kids walk and ride to eachothers houses all the time, if 8 usually with a slightly older sibling but we all live close and parents cinstantly texting 'hane is here' or 'bob is headed to yours' usually there's a bunch of them together. I have bigger issues with high school kids - running in front of cars, not checking for turning traffic and just walking across the road, walking in front of cars moving forward, riding bikes down the middle of the road. I have a high school kid and a primary school kid, schools are side by side, high school kids definitely the worst!! Don't know if they are stupid or just arrogent! The ones that drive are even worse! Don't give way or let people in, speed, do burnouts, tailgate etc

 Teenagers! It is amazing the development their brains are going through and the developmental process has an alarming effect on their ability to do certain things. They'll come good in their mid twenties. Until then we just have to guide them the best we can and keep them alive! :)
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Absolutely, I am with another poster on here from around 3 my children started to be given trust around roads.
By 6 they are walking home from school, and cross a main road via crossing guards. Then walk around a corner to home but it’s all neat busy school traffic.
They’ve been road savvy since 3 , with occasional lapses in judgement, but the fast lost the independence they value so it’s pretty easily corrected.

 Do they need to hold a hand if they are being taken across by crossing guard?
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 No? Crossing Garuda don’t do that? They stop the traffic so they wouldn’t be able to hold a child’s hand they are holding the stop sign ?
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 I meant do they need to hold an adult hand while using a crossing guard. I'm aware of what crossing guards do!!!
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 I think they do , heard a parent today tell me their kids got warned, older than 8
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 Oh ok No they don’t need to hold an adults hand.
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Lol by 2/3 years old neither of my kids held my hand on roads. They didn’t want to so I made it clear what behaviour was expected and they proved themselves to be trustworthy and responsible.
My youngest was a bit more hard work to teach but now at 3 she has the road sense to not hold my hand

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 When your children were in prams did you just push them out into the middle of the road & hope they got themselves to the other side?
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 ^I have seen plenty off people push their pram/trolley out before looking to see if cars are coming.
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 My kids never went in prams.
They were in carriers or walking.

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I have always held my kids hands when crossing busy roads, just last week I grabbed my sons hand and he is 14, just instinct I suppose. Nothing wrong with mummys love.

I agree with holding their hand across the road until 10

Are you meaning if they are with you, or that they can cross a road by themselves? I agree that an 8 year old probably doesn't need to hold your hand if you are with them- they simply follow what you do. But I wouldn't think most 8 year olds would have good enough road sense to cross by themselves, especially if there is no pedestrian crossing. Mind you, my eldest is only 3, so haven't got any experience with kids that age yet.