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So what does everyone think of Israel Folau?


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He is a wanker but calling it hate speech is a bit much! Research it a bit, hate speech is what is happening in South Africa right now! Where people call for the murder and torture of of farmers!!! Perspective people!!

Why are we all so upset about hell for gays? I'm more worried about hell for drunks and fornicators. That'd wipe out most of our population 😁

Good on him. I'd like to shake his hand and buy him a beer.

He sets my ‘gaydar’ off. We will see him in Womans Weekly in 10 years with his new gay lover.....

I don't agree with Folau. I don't think that his message was in anyway representative of a good christian and that he was following the bibles or Jesus's teachings at all. Just pick and choosing the bits he likes best.
In terms of his contract, he was employed by Rugby Australia. He had clauses in his contract that he broke purposefully.
In my town, there have a been a few teachers who have been dismissed from their jobs teaching at Catholic schools because they don't fit their beliefs usually because they are LBGQTI. If they can be fired because they don't hold with the beliefs of their employers then why can't Folau be fired for the same. And why would he want to work for an organisation that doesn't uphold his christian beliefs? Go and find a christian rugby union, they won't pay as much though. Which makes him a hypercite in my eyes.

 Isn’t only spreading the good parts of the bible cherry picking too?
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People have become too loose lipped! They spout shit they believe but are incorrect half the time! Everyone believes they deserve a hand out and people are always so hard done by.

Some people need to take their nappies off and out of their adult pants 👖

Everyone on Santas naughty list will be getting lumps of coal for Christmas. No presents for you.

So sack me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Although I didn’t entirely agree with the way Israel’s message was posted with regards to emphasis ... I entirely agree with the Bible and believe as a supposedly “Christian” country it is absolutely appalling that he has been persecuted for posting a Bible verse on his page. For anyone who knows how intricately the human body is and how all our systems function - it is preposterous to question the existence of a higher power or deity. However, I also understand that not everyone has had the opportunity or capacity to experience or see some of the experiences I have had and it may be harder for them to recognise and appreciate this. Although I believe Israel’s message was conveyed in a hard manner - the story here should be of love. Not of threat of damnation. However, like all good things there ARE consequences to rejecting that love. God’s love. The love bestowed on ALL human beings created in God’s image. The love that is so powerful and strong that despite the fact that we are humans and fallible - we are STILL loved. Accepting that love and recognising ourselves for what we are; sinners - is all we need for redemption. And that of itself is a miracle. Once you have truely realised the gift EVERY human can experience you won’t need to fear death. To wonder why you are on earth for, to put your treasures on earth where moth and rust corrupts them and thieves break through and steal. And that is where you learn to do good out of desire to please God - not make your way into heaven or avoid hell. Out of love. And if your story is not out of love... it is out of customs, rules and regulations. And these have no meaning but human meaning.

his a d^*khead! And I wish the media would stop talking about him! Waste of time and space!

You poor people who follow mans way and not gods. Israel folau you are a warrior of god. If the none believers read the bible , 2000 years ago god put down what is going to happen. Its started, wake up.