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Does anyone ever actually enjoy their birthday or do you always end up disappointed?

I know I shouldn't have expectations, but it was my bday yesterday - a specia/milestone bday. I got up, made myself breakfast, no gift from my family, spent the day doing washing, housework etc, dropped hubby at the airport then made dinner. My parents rang that morning and i thought they might offer lunch/morning tea/dinner etc, but they were at my siaters place 1.5 hours away all weekend apparently and were invited out for lunch at the last minute yesterday. They rang to tell me all this and then told me to try and have a nice day. I hate birthdays. It's not about getting older, its about the one day where you realise how much people don't give a shit about you - and if they don't give a shit on that one day of the year they certainly dont the rest of the time.


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Same thing happens to me, I always end up feeling sad and sorry for myself on my birthday. Hugs to you!

 Decide next year it will be different. What do you want to do?
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I think once we get older it's just another day. Chores shopping nothing special happens. I guess next year make it a day about you?!

 It's just another day because you've decided it's not special. You only here once why not celebrate the little things. That's how you stay a happy little fucker.
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Life is what YOU make it. Don't put your happiness in other people's hands. You should have organised what you wanted to do for your birthday. I always tell my husband this is what i want to do for my birthday. If i lefted it up to him i would be disappointed. Also I'm getting lots of negative from you...if you want to be happy you need to change that.

 Hmmm, yes but a milestone birthday? My immediate family (sis and mum) always, ALWAYS go out of their way even if in a small way for every birthday, let alone milestones. My ex husband was not big on it and was a shit gift giver (no gifts or even a happy birthday for his own kids except on FB) but I at least got an acknowledgement, a morning coffee, sometimes card or small gift at least. I don't think she is expecting others to "make her happy" but a little extra effort for her birthday at least shows some value. I bet she puts in a lot of effort for her loved ones birthdays.
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 You're assuming alot. I'm giving her constructive advice so that it doesnt happen again next. If you don't want disappointment put the groundwork in. Alot of people don't have the kind of people in their lives that shower you with love & attention, it's sad but true so you have to accept it-sort yourself out or go disappointed. Make your choice.
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Sorry your day was bad. I get it, it's the day where people can show they are glad you were born. I hope you feel better today. Treat yourself.

I hate my birthday. On my 17th birthday my mum told all the boys that came over that I was sweet sixteen and never been kissed, and told them all they had to kiss me for my birthday. For my 18th I was living on the streets and met my father at a servo where he gave me a radio. My 21st I was 1 week overdue giving birth to my first child. My 30th I was told I needed a hysterectomy and my marriage broke down. My 40th I had gained 40kgs, had massive depression, and a surprise party with lots of photos. My 50th I did an adventure holiday and fell and broke my back. Birthdays suck.

 ๐Ÿ˜‚ the only thing worse that a birthday in this case, is not reaching the next one at all
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I enjoy my birthday. I usually order takeaway or we go out for dinner so I don't have to cook. I'm not really in to big birthday parties or anything. We bought our first house a week before my 21st, and got our second house just before my 30th birthday, so that was celebration enough.

I agree completely! I spent my last milestone in tears. My hubby said 'so what are you gonna buy for yourself?' When he realised I expected a little more he ran out & bought me a $20 gift & now says he made amends, get over it. That's what really hurt me, tbh, and I can't forget it. All I wanted was something like an invite to meet him for lunch. Most of my friends/family forgot or sent a lame text.
For his, he had a party he expected me to organise.
The experience taught me a hard lesson - to put myself first (except for my kids). I don't want much, but I've finally learned to do/buy those things I really want without guilt and stop putting my wants or dreams behind everyone else's.

 Yes. Lesson learnt & now you're taking charge ๐Ÿ‘ this lady knows what's up.
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My Birthday is Christmas Day (really) so yes, I always enjoy my birthday

 I'd make a big deal about changing the date if i were you. Pick another date close to your birthday & tell everyone this is the day we're celebrating my bday from now on. Own it
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No! Its not just another day it should be a day when thepeople who care about you show it! I'msure you put effort into their birthdays. Women sacrifice so much for our loved ones and its not unreasonable for you to expect one day thats special.

Sending you a big hug and a toast with the finest champagne (that we probably can never afford, but who gives a f**k)!
Happy Birthday beautiful lady ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

Do payback

 Yes revenge is always constructive
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I am disappointed before the day even starts. My birthday is on Christmas eve so I'm either cooking for the next day or stuck in a car for 6hrs. Yay for me! And it's during the busiest time for us. We have harvest on our farm so my husband is usually out working all day long.

I organise or tell people what I want to do so itโ€™s always a great day and Iโ€™m never disappointed! Donโ€™t measure your importance to others by whether they remembered your birthday or not cause people sometimes forget. Birthdays arenโ€™t a big thing to some.

Sending you a big hug, happy birthday for yesterday xxx