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Formula top ups.

Does anyone do this after breastfeeds? I have to do it with my week old baby as I'm not making enough milk and I feel like a failure that i can't breastfeed her. can you please share your routine? Do you top up in the middle of the night too? And can you top up on demand of breastfeeding on demand? Thanks so much


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They feed all the time when bf-ing this early on. You may not need to top up. Your milk is more of a thin, watery liquid at this point. It had a high nutritional value, immunosupportive elements, etc. It also helps bubs learn to digest and comes out easily while they learn to suck and swallow. In a few more days to a week, you'll notice a change in your milk and a slow down in the number of feeds. See a lactation consultant, see 20 if you need to; find one you like and stick with her until you wean. She can help you with increasing supply through diet, knowing if pumping is right for you, know of and when to top up, etc. Good luck!

In the first week i was literally just sitting with my tits out. There was no point trying to put them away because he just fed constantly- it drove me mad. But he had heaps of wet and dirty nappies- the biggest sign that you have enough milk! Ny baby is 1 month now and my milk is more milky- less watery looking and he feeds better and less often. If your baby is gaining weight, has wet/dirty nappies you are producing enough milk :) eventually they do slow down so just stick it out. With my first almost 5 now, i topped up due to being young and uneducated about BF- it only took a week and she chose the bottle over boob- she refused to BF but took a bottle straight away. So i spent over a year of buying formula which is an extra expense. She is totally fine and healthy but realistically if i was more educated i could have saved heaps of cash and continued BF. Kinder fu***d it up for myself- but like i said she is happy n healthy so oh well. This time im sticking with BF

I had to do this with my first. The midwife ripped into me cuz my son wasnt gaining weight quick enough. She made me feel terrible and like a failure. She put me on a strict routine, feed son half an hour each breast, pump 15 mins each breast and give him the expressed milk and then top with formula and repeat! I had to do this every 2 hours, day and night, so basically had 30mins of no baby or pump on me before i had to start again. It worked, he gained a lot of weight quickly but looking back i wish i would of got a 2nd opinion. This regime was so rigid and was essentially forcefeeding. My son was just a slow feeder, usually taking an hour in the early days to feed and my milk was still coming in. He was alert and otherwise healthy. Second time round, i have had no dramas with weight gain or milk supply. My point is, i think sometimes people get too caught up with charts and percentiles and forget to look at the baby and situation. Each baby is different and will grow differently, as long as baby is alert, plenty of wet/poo nappies and otherwise healthy.

 This was my exact experience!
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 babys take an hour to and hour and a half to feed early on. you must have been exhausted

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Keep feeding to build your supply. It's not a great idea to top up. It causes problems with your supply. Please see your community nurse or ring the breast feeding hotline for advice.

I didn't top my last baby up but he fed atleast every two hours for up to an hour each time during the early weeks to establish supply. It makes you feel like they mustn't be getting very much when in fact they are getting enough. With my middle child i had genuine low supply and took a medication called domperidone (ask your gp to prescribe)to increase supply and pumped after bfs to increase supply and would offer around 50 mls of formula last in case she was still hungry. It was alot of work but it was worth it eventually.Goodluck.

 Also call the Australian breastfeeding counsellor line,cost of a local phone call to get up to date advice and support.
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I bf all day untill about 12am feed then next 2 is formula, mr11mo wore me out too much to even want to try bf over night I fed him for 8 days and at 2am I had enough. Mr2.5wo is taking it great all day

Is the baby not gaining enough weight or just feeding all the time? Babies feed a lot to boost your supply but if you are worried about weight gain try lactation cookies and pumping after feeds to increase your supply. If you want to give bulbs a top up Google home made lact aid, this gives bubs a bit extra with out using bottles.