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When do u teach boys to pull forskin back and clean

What age? And what age does it normally retract? My son is 5 and said he had a sore doodle. I looked at it and the tip is red. The opening is only 2 or 3 mil and wont rettact. I didnt force it but gve it a clean and dry. Will take him to drs if irritation does go away


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My son is 8 and some of his foreskin is still attached. We went to the gp who told us to gently pull back every time in the bath or shower and then put Betadine ointment on it after a shower to help loosen the skin

OP Thankyou for advice
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I can’t really help with your question however my toddler recently had an infected foreskin.
The doctor suggested we give him long baths so that it can ‘soak’ and after two days, it completely healed.
This might be an option for you to try to provide relief if he’s experiencing some pain / redness.

OP Thankyou will try this
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His penis - please make sure you're calling it a penis, not a doodle, may be sore because he's not shaking properly after he wees. 5 is quite young for the foreskin to be pulled back. They generally figure it out themselves. Have him wash gently with water.

 Of maybe even salt water may help?
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Once they can pull it back. My first son was about 3-4, my second son was 6 years old. each boy is different though. If he is complaining it is sore he may need to visit the doctor. What ever you do NEVER pull his foreskin back for him, he must do it and stop if it does get painful.

OP Ok thanx for advice. Yes i didnt pull it back all the way.
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Yes we call it a penis when talking to him. He is asd and gdd so has the mentality of a 3 year old. Still not talking properly.