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Thinx and modibodi the undies for periods. have you tried? Do they work?

After my cousin got extremely ill of toxic shock from tampons I don't use them at all I've been looking at getting these undies that are instead of pads because it's so hot now that I hate wearing pads have you heard of these? Tried them? Know someone?


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Hey Girls,,
ive never used a menstrual cup because a friend of mine had a bit of a horror story with it flipping over inside her, but I use the thing undies and also they are pricey, I love them! I find them so comfy Im wearing them on normal days too! I have just purchased some modibodi ones (AUS Brand) to give them a go but I find I can get through a whole 9-5 work day with my thing, heavy days I just wear a tampon for 3-4 hours, then nothing for the rest of the time, thinx are so comfy and you can tell they are made well. Ill give you a comparison when I my modibodi's arrive!!

 Hey what did you think of your modibodi ones in comparison to thinx? X
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Reusable pads are awesome. Look up environmenstrual on etsy. I take little wetbags to work and put them in my handbag. No smell or leakage. The maxi ones are really good- my flow is heavy and I never leak during the day, have a couple of times at night. You need snug undies.
I used to get rash and itchy too and it's so much nicer with cloth. And no smell either b

Just another thought...
I have no problem with washing reusable pads/pants etc but what if I'm at work all day? Do I change it at work and chuck it in a nappy sack in my handbag? That's the only sticking point for me, I find that a bit yuck. What do others do?

 I do t use them but I would use something like snap lock bags in a makeup bag and have some air freshener in there, even a car air freshener.
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I have a Lunette cup. It's great. Other than the first day I don't need to deal with it during the day. I use a pad or liner as back up. Usually disposable pad during the first couple of days (I have a very heavy flow so do get some spotting), then cloth pads for the last few days since they dont tend to get anything on them. I've had it for over 2 years now (since my period came back 3 months after my son was born, even though I was still be around the clock). I'm sure I've saved a ton of money in that time, so definitely a good investment!

I want to try the undies as a back up for my menstrual cup. I think they'd be more comfortable than using liners

OP What cup do you recommend?

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 I bought a Lunette. The best thing you can do is some Google research as there are slight differences in all of them. Also be leaped prepared to spend some money to try a couple if the first one doesn't suit you
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Never heard of them but sound interesting? I was considering making my own washable pads. Some people might think its gross but the cost of pads/tampons is absolutely disgusting. We are getting seriously ripped off just for being female.

 I just Google's the thinx one. Would be great for medium/light flow. I don't know that I could wear one for heavy days though, the thought of not changing all day erks me a bit. What a great idea though
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OP Yes it's a rip off and so annoying that's why I looked into it I heard of diva cup but haven't tried it myself
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 I've never tried a cup either, they sound messy
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 how do you know its a rip off? do you know the cost of manufacturing and distributing them?
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 ^^^ they make at least a 200% profit on sanitary items.
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Most of the reviews on amazon said they are not very good.

OP Oh I'll have a look thatnks
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They sound very interesting and personally, I'm wanting to try the Thinx ones.

I always get thrush after my period and get rashes from the pads. I was going to buy reusable pads too.

OP These are reusable undies
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Yes, they are awesome! I sometimes wear them with a cup and then even better but I feel confident that I'm not going to leak and i feel better about not throwing more crap in the garbage!

I use Modibodi undies along with the Juju menstrual cup. I love that the undies are Australian made, that's enough to justify the price for me. They run a few discounts too, like getting 10% off for signing up to the newsletter. Considering I used to spend at least $60/year on liners, and a bit more on pads/tampons, $25.50 for a pair of reusable undies is reasonable. They're also really comfy.