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Whats the difference between stress, anxiety and over thinking?

I dont think im stressed but i do stress about things. I do lose sleep - cant get to sleep or wake up middle of night stressing about things not being able to get back to sleep. Its not usually about stuff that has happened its more thinking the worst about what could happen. Its the not knowing. I feel like if i think of every possible terrible outcome then i wont be 'caught out' or feel like ive been 'naieve'. Ive always been a bit like this but i feel ive gotten a lot worse in the past year or so. It often has to do with money. Having money makes me feel secure, having unexpected expenses freaks me out a lot! But i feel like my personality is starting to change. I find it very hard to relax, be in the moment, properly enjoy myself and let loose. Im always thinking i cant coz at any moment i could get a call that there is some big drama that i hadnt thought of. Or there is an email waiting for me with something bad while ive been obliviously enjoying myself.


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Thinking about the what if’s when intellectually you know it’s unlikely to happen but it is keeping you awake at night is called catastrophising. Thinking about the worse possible outcome and worrying about it obsessively. It extrem anxiety. And the difference between stress and anxiety is stress is going through something that impacts your life. . Anxiety is worrying about something that hant happened yet. And if the anxiety is effecting your quality of life, it’s time to seek help. xx

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