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Bday suggestions for hubby - looking to hear from people whose hubbys/partners are into camping (propper off grid), 4x4ing, restoring old cars, very capable handy man etc. Any tools or gadgets your man loves?

My hubby customises everything, very capable with anything and everything, already has so much stuff, fully kit out land cruiser, big shed etc. I just dont know what he needs/wants anymore - or if i do, i dont know what's the right version/brand to get. Just hoping someine out there has a great idea or their other half has some thing he loves or finds really handy?


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I bought my hubby a hood lining for his Landcruiser and he thought it was the best present ever!

OP Yep, that's the kind of thing my hubby would love too! Hes restoring an old landcruiser at the moment!
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A Bose portable speaker, about $400. They have about 16 hours of standby charge, you bluetooth tunes from your mobile. My hubby loves his, it's always in his vehicle

My husband is also impossible to buy for. Usually I just get him vouchers to the places he likes to shop (he always welcomes those). And nice new clothes like shirts, jumpers because he hardly ever buys any for himself.

 My hubby is also impossible to buy for.
I just give him a BJ. Easy.

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 My husband loves his TOOL too. I help him out with him at least twice a day.

For his birthday I usually just buy myself some lovely lingerie which he and his tool appreciate. WIN WIN.

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Favours are a good gift!

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If he likes going off the beaten track, he may need a good quality axe or tomahawk to cut through brush. Check out kilmark forge. It's a little pricey for some things but their top quality

I bought my husband a leatherman for Christmas 2 years ago now I think? He loves it. Carries it with him everywhere and uses it all the time! They have heaps of different ones and price ranges to suit. You could also engrave it to give it a personal touch. I ordered straight through their website.

Bear grylls has a cool range of "survival" stuff. You can get little kits and things off eBay.

As he likes to go camping off the beaten track, does he have a gps?

An Engel fridge/freezer for camping. They are expensive but seem to be the brand all the guys boast about owning. Its pretty handy to have. At BCF

Wow ladies! Some really awesome ideas and inspiration. Thank you! Im adding some of these suggestions to my x-mas shopping list now too! The other things i thought of today were those plastic weather shield things that go along the top of the car windows for his landcruiser, (he just bought a bug defector for the bonnet) and a bimini for his dingy - incase any of you are looking for ideas for your like minded hubbies 😀

Not sure if this is something that would be good in your situation, but my husband loves to go hunting whenever he gets the chance (which isn't very often since we now live in suburbia). So I got him a Dewey knife one year.
A couple of things to note though:
-this is appropriate for my husband because he remembers his Pop had one
-our knife in particular is more ornamental than practical, as the blade isn't sharp, and we've tried to sharpen it with the stone, but it hasn't worked (anything else would take nicks out of the blade and damage it)
-there are a wide variety of products available direct from the Dewey company and you will actually get to speak to Mr Dewey yourself (or at least I did when I ordered it) to discuss your needs.

 **update** I just checked their website, and unfortunately Robert Dewey is no longer making knives and is due to retire. My apologies.
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Chat to him about what he has and doesnt have in the way of camping gear, and when I say "chat", try to get a conversation going where he doesnt realise you are trying to find out what he wants for his birthday.
Failing that, see if you can find out what stores he likes best and get him a voucher for one, or more, of them.