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Gift for daughter turning 13

My daughter will be 13 soon and I don't know what to get her. She has no interests or hobbies so what's the in things these days?


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Piece of engraved jewellery
Ring & matching earrings
A watch
Pre paid visa card (shopping)
Teenage Beauty pack
New pair of funky shoes
Mani/pedi/hair voucher
Hair straightener
Curling wand

Voucher for a mani/ pedi
Voucher for a hairdressers for a cut and colour
Spotify premium voucher
Hairbands and scruchies
Handbag, wallet and money
Bedroom make over
Portable Bluetooth speaker
Watch or fitbit
Diamond art kit
Dreamcatcher making kit
Hamper with her fav foods

iTunes gift voucher, sephora gift card, entertainment voucher, clothing voucher for a surf shop.

My daughter turned 13 on the weekend. I got her a ticket to a concert ( she’ll go with her older sister) , earrings, scrunchies and a few bags of her favourite lollies.

My daughter is also turning 13 soon, I'm getting her a bunch of gift cards for clothes, make up, mani and a room make over.