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Uni + Work + kids

Have any mums out there done full time work as well at full time uni? Especially single mums. I'm trying to decide if I should give my associate degree a go at a full time load (distance/online but there are workshops I will attend regularly and work will give me the time off for them). I figure I can drop back to part time if it is to much. I've never been to uni before so I don't really understand how it all works. Is it doable or am I dreaming?


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As a single mum of 4 young children, I did full time Uni for 4 years and worked full time. Was very hard going and very tiring ans exhausting in every which way possible. Uni didnt get 100% commitment and effort from me because of the circumstances and having kids.
But I did enough to pass or more and graduate, and I now work full time in the field of study and absolutely love my job. I graduated 7 years ago. Very hard at the time but so worth it in the end.

Not impossible. I have done it. Single mum, worked ft, study ft but I was a shift worker and got a lot of study done when kids were at school (and on night shift when it was quiet 🤫). Then I changed jobs to a mon - fri 9-5 job and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Part time is the way to go for sure!!!

I need 7 hours sleep per night, I work in the city and travel home to the suburbs every day. I have a cleaner/ cook that comes twice a week to help out but even then I can only manage 2 subjects. Mind you my job is high stress. I like to spend weekends with the kids so I aim to only spend 4 weekends per term studying. Watch lectures on the bus. Assignments get done evenings when the kids are fed and watered. I’ve thought about going back to ft study to knock it over but I will be taking 8 weeks off work if I do.

As I said, it’s not impossible but it’s not worth it.

 well done
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I think it is not doable. I am a stay at home mum, not working at all and struggling to find time to study 2 uni subjects! (This is online part time)

 You are disorganised
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 Agree, disorganised lol. I studied nursing, worked two part time jobs, had school aged kids. It was actually exhausting, but I did it and so do other mums. Good luck
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 So nice to see mums supporting other mums. She was just saying that she couldn't do it.
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 I’m studying online full time. I have 2 kids, one 10 months and one 3.5 years old. I was working 2 days a week when I started studying but I eventually quit for personal reasons. The toddler goes to daycare 3 days a week so I can study. When the baby is 1 he will go to daycare 2 days a week so I can study and start my placement for my studies.

My partner also studies. He is part time external and working full time, so his workload for the week is around 70 hours.

Its completely doable if you are organised and have a good support system.

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It's doable, as shown by other posters, but I think it really depends on your motivation and will power to put in the effort. If you have any doubts I'd think about doing the first semester part time so you then know what it's like, then try 3 or 4 subjects next semester if you handled it well. One thing I'd recommend is scheduling study time if possible so you know when you'll be sitting down and learning. Best of luck!

I'm not a single mum but I am working full time, with 2 children and studying full time. On Friday I am graduating 5 months ahead of my class. Hard bloody work but you can do it if you set your mind to it :)

Thanks ladies, I'm starting to put in place things to help me get through it. I've hired a cleaner once a fortnight so things don't get out of hand and i can still spend time with the kids. I have zero social life so that won't get in the way lol. I think I'll go for it!

I work part time and study part time and that's hard. Have a plan b so you can cut back on work or study (or both) if you find it too hard

Geez I have mixed feelings on this one. Basically I studied full time as single mum and worked as many shifts as possible. I'm in my dream job now get paid very well and can afford to put my son's thru private school but those years were hell and ill never get back the time with my kids. I lost heaps of friends and no time for them and good friends are now acquaintances. Never felt on top of any area in my life although I did kick arse in my marks but the house was messy and I got burnt out. What is more doable is if u can get by without working and make study your only job. I have resentment that I had to work as well

 Oh and put on 20kgs too!
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 I am the single mum of 4 poster. I lost 17kg in 10 weeks from all the stress of fulltime study working kids and running a house
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 Yes it’s like juggling all the balls, but none of them well
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I am not a single parent income wise but I do a lot myself as my husband does 12 hour days.

I am working full time and studying full time. I have droppes back to 4 days at work to have a study day but as I am in a Masters Degree the study load is higher. I also have 2 children. 5 and 3.

It is doable. Having 1 study day works for me as when my husband is home on Sunday I want to have family time.

I have a lot of structure and my children have to chip in with chores. I cook on weekends with a friend and we freeze up meals so weekdays we don't have to cook.

 Not to nitpick but you arent working full time then, unless you picked up extra hours on other days. Theres a fair bit of difference between working 4 days and 5 in my personal experience.
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 Agree! If I only had to work 4 days I could easily pick up another subject
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I think it depends on the age and number of your kids but I wouldnt or couldnt do it.
I worked full time for a year with 2 younger kids (shift work) and it was fine on the kids but i was utterly exhausted. No way I could study as well. If your kids are teenagers then that would be different.
Also the course matters a lot too. Some uni courses take up more hours than others. If you dont devote enough time to it you may still pass but you will just scrape through. How much that matters depends on your course. If you have never done uni before it may be more work and harder than you think.

 ^ ETA and i have a hands on partner too, I image its 50 x harder as a single mum!
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