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I think I’m pregnant. I’m also single MUM to 2. If this is positive I would consider adoption

I don’t nor will have the financial means to have another child ( the “father” has already expressed how he has never even met his other


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How long have you been on the Mirena? Were your other four pregnancies on the Mirena as well?? The Mirena is extremely effective, if placed properly.
If you are pregnant, you will want to do a fair bit of research on Australian Adoptions, we have terrible adoption laws here.

Op. Children. He had twins to another lady 8yrs ago. Does pay child support. I found out the next morning of course. I’m on mirena. But I’ve been pregnant 4 times and all of those times I’ve found out at two weeks, both by preg tests and body changes. I am really surprised at my feelings towards abortion. I do believe whole heartedly my body my right. But I can’t bribg myself to consider it.. 😞