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Due to CV, what is something that is restricted right now, that makes you want to do it more than ever?


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See my dad 😭
It’s breaking my heart not having our weekly visits but it is to keep him safe.
FaceTime is just not the same, no hug hello, no kiss goodbye...
It’s the little things that mean more than anything😔

 Big hugs to you and your dad lady ❤
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Just go out for a good walk in the sunshine! Yes it's still possible but I'm reluctant to do so because my kids school has asked us to keep them at home and they're all whiney whingers who hate walking (technically I could send them to school since my husband is an essential worker, but I'm a housewife and that would feel like a cop out since I'm home anyway). I miss the exercise. I miss being able to go to the shops and meander around. I miss that feeling of freedom. I can't even remember what it feels like to not have this dreadful weight in the pit of my stomach whenever we HAVE to go out. I bought groceries today in store and thought I was going to throw up whenever someone came near us. Just. F**k this.

And I'm going to sit at the pub when this is all over and have a big jug of orange juice out in the beer garden.

And then I'm going to the nudist beach down the road, perverts or not.

And I'm going to actually go to the gym (I haven't been to the gym in about 4 years).

And I'll hug everything that moves. People, dogs, cats, more people. Big squishy cuddles for all!

Playgrounds. My kids miss their after school playground plays and going for a family bbq at the park on the weekend

Take the kids to the park, everything else im ok with, but taking away the playground is too much in my opinion

There is all the usual things like going to the beach, seeing friends and family, licking the supermarket trolly handles (not really). But also I really need a new bed and mattress, I have the money sitting in my account for it but I can’t go buy it because it isn’t “essential” and that’s making me want to buy it more.

Actually go to exercise class I am so unmotivated to do it online

Travel. Was supposed to land in Tokyo yesterday. Shallow, perhaps but it's my happy place.

 It's not shallow at all x
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Being a flasher. I was going to retire but ive decided to. stick it out

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Just to hang out with family and friends again. We see our families alot, multiple times a week so our kids are struggling. But they are face timing them still :)

Meet family at the beach and take our kayaks and SUPs out.

See my affair

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 Same I can’t wait to spend a whole day with him.
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 I suppose you're proud of your affairs
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