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How much does your husband/partner do around the house?

I’m about to return to full time work and want to create a roster so the division of house hold chores are fair. At the moment I work part time and just about do everything for the house. Just wondering how other people organise this kind of stuff!


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I’ve been a SAHM for a year and did ALL housework which was fine. But I just completed a one week full days training course and my house went to shit. No one helped with anything. I’m now spending the weekend catching up on everything. I had intended on looking for full time work but I don’t think I’m going to manage the housework and a job. My husband is always tired even tho he doesn’t have a physical job. He’ll do stuff if I ask but then I just sound like I’m nagging and I hate that.

 ^^ Isn't it funny? No one notices what you do until you don't do it 😤
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We both work full time and we share. We dint have a roster, it just gets done with an occasional ask of eachother.

We both work full time, when I was a SAHM I did it all, now he does the majority of daily stuff because I work a more physical job with longer hours, I cook. We also hired a cleaner to come once a week because we are both exhausted, I don't have any spare time and honestly he's not good at proper cleaning.

If you both work full time then he needs to do half. End of story. Get a cleaner if you can afford to but the house and kids belong to both of you


 Same! Some women are really lucky to have that much help! My husband does zero and is very untidy
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 Yep same here. I wish he’d even just fold a basket of washing or cook just once
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 Bet he works long hours
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 Why is it 'help'to do basic living skills
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Whatever I ask him to. If he's working all day I let him get away with the bare minimum. If he isn't working I ask him to help out. He wont actually look at something and think "hey that needs cleaning" I have to specifically ask. But he does it so I'm not complaining lol

 That’s really lovely to hear..he must have had a good mum? My husband is helpful, I have to tell him too, but i also have to ‘give him notice’ , he hates me asking him without giving him notice...gah
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We both work same house and mostly carE for the kids same hours.
I mostly do inside cleaning he does outside (mowing , weeding, rubbish, compost ect.)
He will do the washing up and occasionally cleans inside.
He does his own laundry.
I do mine and the kids.

We have a cleaning schedule. There’s daily tasks split into morning and night. Plus every day there is a zone that gets cleaned. If I work that day then we will do the zone clean together if I don’t work I do it during the day. But we both basically split the morning/night jobs. Like tonight my partner cleaned the kitchen while I folded washing.

My partner works from home and has really flexible hours. So he is able to do more around the house than just the daily jobs. Having the cleaning schedule works really well for us. The jobs are all there, listed, they don’t change and it’s easily manageable.

My husband does heaps!!! He is home more than am I, he is a shift worker. But he does so much around the house. But if he is really tired he will leave it and I'll do it when i get home. The only thing he doesn't do is bath time, he has a bad back and it's hard for him so I do bath time :)

RIght now he’s doing heaps as I’m about to get this baby out, but after that I’ll be staying home and doing most of it. When we both work full time, he does bins, lawns, repairs and dishes every night. I do the rest.
He’s a tidier person than me though - he doesn’t leave stuff around and is pretty clean, so it works for us.

My hubby does plenty, he works full time, I'm a sahm. He washes and irons his own clothes, washes the family towels, empties the rubbish, puts the bins out, mows the lawn, does the dishes most of the time, plus general handyman stuff around the house and garden.