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How much pain are you in each month?

Just wondering what everyones amount of pain each month during AF?

Currently I am day four of debilitating pain and AF arrived today. For me endone, heat packs and not moving from the couch is the only way I can exist.

I have adenomyosis my amount of pain is not normal.


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Oh no! Sounds awful. I get awful pain for 1-2 days and it’s usually only day 1 and 2 only. also heavy bleeding those days. I could curl up in a ball but I take panadol and try and push through. By the night time, I curl into a ball with a heat pack.

For me day 1 was horrible (I could pretty much pinpoint the moment it started by wanting to faint). I would take 1 paracetamol and 1 ibuprofen and go to sleep if possible, then would usually wake up feeling better. If I couldn't go to sleep it rarely worked. After she had kids my mum had a hysterectomy due to irregular and painful AF, but she would still get some period pain when I was due (when I lived at home). I've only had maybe 2 periods in the last 4 years due to being pregnant/ breastfeeding, so once they start up again I'm curious whether it will have changed.

Oh you poor thing. I don’t have that but since I cut out dairy, coffee, alcohol and cut back on red meat and chocolate in moderation, I feel my hormones are more stable, I look and feel better and importantly my periods are more regular, but heavy and not really painful.

I have sore knees, feet, ankles, back but it's probably only a 1/10 it's not debilitating but it's enough to be in my mind most of the day haha but I'm also pretty dramatic. Sorry about your chronic pain though