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Fish good friday

I had plans to make a beef dish for tomorrow and everyone I know is telling me I CAN'T because is Good Friday.
I don't want to sound like I'm stupid, but there's not actually a law that says I have to eat fish, right ?
Why is it a "thing"?
I'm confused


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Oh grow up idiot. Noone is getting into a religious argument with you. Google it.

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 Ironic statement...
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Of course not. Those who aren’t religious and choose not to eat red meat do so because it’s tradition. But you can eat whatever you like without fear of being arrested. Good on you for supporting the beef industry

If you're not Christian don't worry. Eat what ever you want to

I just googled it and apparently the tradition is pickled fish. Huh. Sounds horrendous 😂

 I'll pickle your pussy hole
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 Sounds like it'll be a Good Friday after all
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I used to be a waitress and we weren't allowed to serve alcohol on Good Friday. My boss was not a Christian either.