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FML - Cleaning the shower does my head in. Any hot tips so I dont have to hand-and-knees scrub this shit every few days???


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Top tip for no scrubbing.... the magic eraser sponges cut through soap scum like... magic. I sometimes don’t even use any shower spray. Sometimes I do to clean the grout and freshen up. But yeah, would recommend the magic eraser sponges.

 I’m so trying this!
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 Magic erasers are fabulous ! And for grout and icky tiles I use half a scoop of Napisan in about 1L hot water. Quick scrub with a toothbrush or similar and mine looks brand new
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For the glass, Mix in a spray bottle 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup hot water and 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid, spray to glass, leave for few minutes then.squidgee off and rinse with water.
Works well on shower screens especially with the soap scum build up.

 I’m going to try this. I hate cleaning the glass in my shower
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I use toilet cleaner. The spout makes it get in the grout groove perfectly, and the thick, stickiness of it designed to make it stick to the toilet bowl also makes it stick to the shower wall really well. I just run it on the grout line once a fortnight and hose it off with the shower head the next day or whenever I think of it. Brings the grout up like new.
You can put it on and then smear it over the tiles with a sponge and leave it until you have a shower (hose it down before you get in the shower) and the tiles come up sparkling with next to no effort.
I've only ever used it on light grey and cream grout though. I did have dark grey grout on the shower floor and it never affected it, but I'd still test before using on darker colours.

Use a squeegee to take off the water drops each time you shower. Once a week, spray with shower power after your morning shower then a quick scrub and rinse off at night.

I’ve been told to avoid soaps and shampoos that contain sodium tallowate as it causes a lot of build up.

Toilet gel cleans grout very well I found recently!

I have a Turbo Scrub. It is a wand with three different brushes. One for corners, one for heavy duty stains and a general use one. Just spray your cleaner, give it a few to soak in and then turn on the wand and go to town, I can get the whole shower sparkling in about 15 minutes. I found it at a Big W about a year ago.

If you can find the time wipe the shower down with an old towel once a day, if you dry the shower off like this you won’t get any build up etc, well worth the small amount of time sacrificed daily!!

Don't use bleach as it erodes the silicon around the edges and moulding get in.

 So only if your renting is 😆
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Scrubber from Coles, bleach gel. Wet walls and glass use bleach gel and swirl around and make sure all is covered and then leave for 10 mins. Come back and rinse it off

This is a quick clean - squirt some domestos on a clean outdoor broom and scrub the entire shower. Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off. I have done this a few times when I have had to do a speed clean!

Get one of the sprays that you use after having a shower that you don't rinse off. Or use a squeegee on glass and tiles after every shower.