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Repeating kindy?

My daughter went for her prep interview today and i realised that she isnt ready at all. If i choose to have her repeat, how do i go about it? Is there any gov agencies etc i need to inform? I honestly feel that repeating is in her best interest. She is smart but today would not say a single word. And instead of drawing she sat there scribbling like a toddler. Hear i am trying to tell the lady how bright and bubbly she is- while she sits there like a mute... was very embarrassing and awkward. The lady was not impressed at all.


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Im in Victoria and i have been told you only get one shot a govt subsidised kinder (4yo). The only time they let your child repeat is if they have 2 or more developmental delays. Who ever did the interview should understand kids get shy. Also the new school year is still a while away. Maybe by next year she will be ready. When does she turn 5?

 Same in SA
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OP In 2 weeks she is 5. I am in qld. She has no delays. The school we had the interview at is out of our catchment area, the school is out area is heavily populated with indigenious kids. The school has a disgusting reputation and is often targeted by the students with fires, bashings etc! I honestly do not want her attending there at all! I wouldnt feel safe walking past- let alone sending her there for years!
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OP In our area * sorry for spelling issues. And thanks :)
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 If the catchment school is so bad, move to a better area.
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Did she go to kindy (preschool?) or childcare? If so what do her teachers there think? They actually know her. How independent is she and is she OK at leaving you. Does she get on with other kids? The lady might have been making her feel uncomfortable, I wouldnt base it just on that.

The lady should have been encouraging her and working with her not acting unimpressed :-/ My daughter didn't show anywhere near her potential at her interview and she is one of the smartest at prep now. How old is your daughter? I think they should be 5 starting prep but that's just my preference with what ive seen.

OP The lady was trying. My daughter just sat there with a blank face. No smile. No nothing. She will be 5 in 2 weeks. It was a disaster to say the least. My daughter isnt the smartest but definately not dumb either. Well the lady will think she is by the way she acted. Lady was dep principal too 😢😢😢
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 I saw your comment below so i see why you wanted the interview to go well. Could you maybe try the interview again in a few months. Turning 5 will make a difference I don't know why but they do just seem to grow up overnight. Maybe do some practice at home?
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She will be fine, enroll her and take it from there.
It will take a good term or so for her to settle in and then at the end of the year you can reassess if she needs to repeat.
Where I live, teachers prefer students to repeat year one over kindergarten and the reason for that is due to the curriculum. Kindergarten isn't as structured or routines as year one is.
I'm sure you will find that your daughter will thrive and that the interview was her just being shy and unfamiliar with her surroundings

Relax ! You cannot make decisions on your daughters future based on one interview. If your kid is bright and bubbly every other day then chances are she's bright and bubbly ! Go with your instinct, last thing you want is a bored shitless kid in years to come, that can be just as hard as a struggling one.

I'm all for deferment as I deferred my eldest. My daughter is the same age as yours and given the choice I would also defer her but she doesn't fit into the deferment age range. I'd speak to the school first and ask for their recommendation.

Kids typically clam up in those situations. They aren't comfortable with the person. Parents put pressure on them without realizing it. It's a new place and new experience. If her teachers thinks she is ready, she probably is. If you aren't happy with your local school, consider home schooling. My children get theor social through home school play days at play centrs amd other play zones, sports, swim, dance, and music lessons. My local school is atrocious and I cannot afford private schooling for twins and 2 older siblings. I intend to be moved to better public school area by the time the oldest reaches middle school to give them the real teenage experience and prepare them for uni, better. If theunwanted to attend a specialized or private high school amd they have the grades and drive the money saved on early education will allow that.

A lot can happen between now and February next year. Teachers understand that kids can take a while to come out of their shells. Everything will work out.

Has your daughter ever met this lady before?? Is she very shy around new people?? Was your daughter nervous?? Is it possible she was just having an off day??

I'm in QLD and have been speaking to both the prep teacher (who is also the early learning supporter) and my son's kindy teacher about him staying at kindy one more year. All I have to do now is extend his enrollment for kindy and cancel his school enrollment. As far as I know the decision is all mine, although I want the advice from the professionals on this one as its a big decision, and the rebate gets rolled over again for next year. I would talk to your daughter's kindy/daycare teacher about it first, they will be able to guide you on what is the best option.